GOOD: 3 in the head

GOOD: 3 in the head

This is a discussion on GOOD: 3 in the head within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Too bad the victim's wife got caught in the cross fire. Otherwise, this would be a great story. Detroit homeowner kills suspect during home invasion ...

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Thread: GOOD: 3 in the head

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    GOOD: 3 in the head

    Too bad the victim's wife got caught in the cross fire. Otherwise, this would be a great story.

    Detroit homeowner kills suspect during home invasion on Barbara Street
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    I realize they took the homeowner in for questioning for their followup paperwork,but it's a clear cut case of self defense,hopefully Michigan has case law that will charge the second perp with murder for the other thugs death.
    If I was these people I would invest in better home protection to ensure that I wouldn't be "startled" awake.Burglar bars on windows,motion lights aimed at perimeter of house etc.
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    I am glad that the victims stopped the invasion, but it is a shame the wife "took one for the team".

    One who is armed must make sure that the unarmed person (or persons) with them knows what to do if a shooting incident ensues.

    My daughter and my grand daughter have had it drilled into them that if I said, "GET DOWN!" when we are in a parking lot, they hit the ground and roll under a vehicle. Daughter is to use her cell phone and call 911 and neither comes out until the police arrive, no matter what. If we are close to the into the store and scream for help. We talk about tactics. It keeps them thinking and hopefully gets them out of the line of fire. Hubby and both carry and have reviewed our options and tactics when out. I believe this is important. It gives people with you a plan of action at a dangerous time. Hopefully it is a automatic action.
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    Don't we all wish the outcome of a self defense situation would be the perp standing perfectly still, and getting dispatched to the next life and the victims totally unharmed in the process. To quote the Beach Boys "Wouldn't it be nice?"

    Well, unfortunately it isn't. No self defense situation is the same. People often "train" or are "ready" for events like this and then in that adrenalin fueled moment of suprise and perhaps some fright, forget everything in a matter of seconds.

    You cannot possibly train or be prepared for every scenario that may come knocking on your door, especially getting roused from sleep by it. I know how I feel when awakened suddenly, I am disoriented and need a moment to focus.

    May be a bad outcome that the women got tapped, but it can happen no matter how much we want to avoid it.
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    This was not a random target early morning B&E.
    The couple owned a gold exchange store, and have been targeted before.
    Hopefully this was a wakeup call to them, if they wish to minimize occurrences like this, to fortify their castle, auto's and business.
    They should seek out professional help in getting a game plan together, and always be vigilant, even more so than the average Joe Blow.
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    Have to love the media. He was not "defending his home". The story has a person that the shooter spoke to stating the intruder was on top of him in the bedroom
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