BAD: Shooting after speeding argument

BAD: Shooting after speeding argument

This is a discussion on BAD: Shooting after speeding argument within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Here is a clear and convincing case of why DE-escalation is better than escalation. Man charged after speeding argument ends in shooting | News - ...

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Thread: BAD: Shooting after speeding argument

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    BAD: Shooting after speeding argument

    Here is a clear and convincing case of why DE-escalation is better than escalation.

    Man charged after speeding argument ends in shooting | News - Home
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    And folks think that someone OC'ing legally at the polls looks bad for gun owners I think these stories blow them away. What a moron.

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    It is always better to deescalate whether armed or not. I hate to say this again, but a better choice for the woman would have been to get the license number and call 911. I have been there and had idiot speeders run up and down my quite street and called 911 and had nothing done. One even plowed into our new Toyota and did considerable damage....without him having insurance.

    That is like the idiots that have "music" blasting from their cars to the point my home's windows rattle. I would love to go to THEIR homes (or their parents homes), set up HUGE speakers and blast the "1812 Overture" to let them know how it feels. But I don't. It does make me smile to think about though...that is the only satisfaction I can get. With so many "lose cannons" out there one is limited.

    Look at the Shooter....that guy looks quite a few sandwiches short a picnic, if you get my drift. If the woman or her boyfriend went out and shot back and hit a couple of these "losers" they would have been behind bars. "Why did you escalate this. You knew you were armed. Why didn't you call 911." would have been the Law Enforcement stand, as well as D.A.

    This really sucks to say, but sometime you just have to call with it...or wait until a innocent child is knocked into the next county by these idiots. That REALLY sucks.
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    Knowledge can be imparted,skills can be taught,not much you can do with attitude and stupidity.

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    Looking at that guy I think the proper term is 'whupple'.
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    He will be popular in the jail system

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    Ya'll have got to ckeck out the comments at the bottom of the link page,save all of us some infractions!

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    So the little chicken had to go get his buddies to get enough courage to go back with a gun and play tough guy,he will be popular in prison
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    Shot fired during argument in Roseville neighborhood | news - Home

    Another video regarding this incident. Apparently the boyfriend "got a few licks" on the car with a fence pole. The suspects are claiming a self-defense shooting.......of which would be hard to prove when you leave the scene and return with 3 more people to the confrontation.
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