U.S. Army soldier brutally beaten

U.S. Army soldier brutally beaten

This is a discussion on U.S. Army soldier brutally beaten within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; U.S. Army soldier brutally beaten. VIDEO: U.S. Army soldier brutally beaten in South Tampa | wtsp.com Had this young man been able to defend himself ...

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Thread: U.S. Army soldier brutally beaten

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    U.S. Army soldier brutally beaten

    U.S. Army soldier brutally beaten.

    VIDEO: U.S. Army soldier brutally beaten in South Tampa | wtsp.com

    Had this young man been able to defend himself with a weapon, would we be hearing about how a "white military man" kill a poor "fun loving" black kid?
    A woman must not depend on protection by men. A woman must learn to protect herself.
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    Sad. But also sadly true that it is not all that uncommon in military towns. The bgs know that the military who actually work for a living and get paid usually have money on them.

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    Mmm-Hmm! It's coming,be prepared!!!
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    Hope the soldier recovers quickly. They need to catch these guys, some girl might be next. One good thing, it's Florida and there are many armed individuals in that State, these guys may make a fatal victem selction error next time.
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    I hope the police at least do a good investigation and check the local stores for vids of those animals either before their scumbag activities, or shortly thereafter, because I promise you they were in a local establishment either prepping or celebrating afterwards.

    This is a hard one to defend against, since he was caught unaware from the side, and drawing and shooting while being gang attacked would have been almost impossible once they were all engaged with him.

    I know there have been threads where others say a hoodie or a person approaching you does not constitute reason for suspicion or for immediate protective actions, but this clearly demonstrates several things :

    1. A person approaching you, passing you, or just trailing or mirroring you warrants closer inspection, or complete avoidance.
    2. That person approaching you alone may be the distraction for their friends can come up from behind or the other side.
    3. You cannot assume anything about safety - He reached for his wallet and was blindsided in a heartbeat.

    You can bet that animals like those thugs had a plan and carried it out successfully.

    That means we, as carriers of our personal defense weapons, need to also have a plan and be ready to carry it out.

    Oh, and I wonder if he had shot one or two or all of them if the media would have said it was just an angry, evil, gun toting man who shot at poor, underprivileged and misunderstood youths trying to get their lives back together, because I guarantee you that those dirtbags all have smiling yearbook pics somewhere in their records.....

    I hope they get justice that is equal to their crime.
    Fortune Favors the Bold!

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    I had a post here that was rather popular about a month ago.

    shoot no shoot scenario.

    it was pretty much one dude beating the crap out of some wise guy.

    well... most people said no shoot because it's a fist fight and to fight it like a man.

    then I pointed out saying a lucky punch can shut the lights off for you, and could even kill you.

    people still insisted on no shoot. very few ppl agreed with my shoot scenario.

    well, what if this soldier had a gun and shot them? this would be ok? shoot no shoot?

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    Shoot only as last resort, your other choices are, die, get beaten close to it(counts as deadly force). So yes shoot.
    Guns don't kill people, Guns save Lives.

    If you want peace, prepare for war

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    The obvious...
    make every effort to avoid those times and places when/where these kinds of attacks are most likely to occur.
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    Were is the OUTRAGE....Were is sharpton, jackson, and all the freedom loving people. Hell, maybe the FBI can step in to see if this was a hate crime....

    The soldier deserves better....
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    Quote Originally Posted by sigs View Post
    Sad. But also sadly true that it is not all that uncommon in military towns. The bgs know that the military who actually work for a living and get paid usually have money on them.
    They also know that they are probably unarmed. Especially if they live on base.


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    Hope the soldier recovers quickly,,,,, if they do catch these guys ,,,, the media
    will go into the song & dance about them being socially deprived, have no parents,
    and all that merlarkey ,,, and probably put them on WELFARE,,,,,

    Oh sorry ,,,, that is probably racial profiling ,,,,, just call the way I see em.

    But if he protected his self and killed a couple or three,,,,, he would probably
    be on his way to jail. That is just the way things are now.

    Mmm-Hmm! It's coming,be prepared!!!

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    This is why you try to always travel with a Ranger buddy.

    A lucky punch or a cruel kick after you're down can turn you into a vegetable for the rest of whatever life you have left. You can try to explain to your wife and children through garbled drooling how proud you are of "duking it out like a man". Not for me, thanks. I'm too old and fragile to go toe-to-toe with some strong, energetic young punk so Plan A is Avoidance, Plan B is Evasion, and Plan C is Neutralize the Threat.
    "The flock sleep peaceably in their pasture at night because Sheepdogs stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

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    I hope the soldier recovers completely. As soon as someone you don't know approaches you, you have to go into Condition Orange and then take control of the situation before they are too close, telling them to "STOP!" You can see him reaching for his wallet in the video. In a situation like this, if you are armed, have your weapon ready to defend yourself.

    CANT: Carry Always, Never Tell

    Cogito, ergo armatum sum. I think, therefore I am armed. (Don Mann, The Modern Day Gunslinger; the ultimate handgun training manual)

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    "I know three guys out in the middle of the night" that can be any number of punks.

    The lesson that needs to be learns is when someone asks for a match or a dollar at 3 in the morning you better get ready for a fight

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    Police say Sunday morning, at around 3 a.m., the soldier's car broke down a few miles from home along Westshore Blvd.
    OK, I've heard most of my life, and I know this solider has heard this at least once, "nothing good happens after midnight."

    Our solider is driving home and his car breaks down. Call for backup.....at least a ride home/back to base. I've lived this and my guys knew to call me FIRST when something like this happened. It's a common thread in all the services.....you don't stand the watch alone.

    Well, he a capable man, he can hump-it back to base/home with no problem..... and (maybe) he dosn't call anyone because it IS 3am. Easy days right? His SA obviously wasn't at 100%...... the guy got too close, it was over by the second punch. The thug had back-up though and they wern't going to just 'let it go'....... he got beat down.

    Our solider made several decisions that, in hindsight, were not good decisions. Does this solider live on base perhaps? Then carrying is out of the question for him.
    Does he have a working cell phone? He didn't make use of it if he did, PRIOR to leaving his vehicle. I know McDill (I'm assuming he's stationed there) has a 'Arive Alive' program to pick up personnel who've been drinking. It works for break-downs too.

    OK, I've put enough on this solider......... he was where he leagly had a right to be. These thug-punks need to be captured soonest. This solider is certinally NOT the weakest of the 'heard' and even taking the chance of a 'sucker-punch' finding it's mark is brazen act of violence. This thug has done this before...... AND he had back-up.
    This will happen again. That pack of punk-predators have tasted blood and the thrill of the 'kill'. They'll be hunting again soon.

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