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1) Plenty of "good, church goin' folk" and church leaders are guilty of heinous crimes and/or at least as scummy as gangbangers.
2) Have no idea what, if anything, he was involved in and never alluded to any such activity.
3) I never said or implied he was guilty of any wrongdoing. You don't necessarily have to do something illegal to be targeted by scum; in fact scum like that could easily target him for doing some good deed that helped an enemy of theirs or some other reason.
4) My cousin was murdered, probably for a gang initiation, about 20 yrs ago so I'm well aware of what gangs are capable of.
5) I am under no illusions that racism comes in all colors.

Maybe you should work on expanding your mind and reading comprehension and at the same time work on not jumping to unsupported assumptions.
You are so touchy. IF I misunderstood you....I'm sorry. I don't believe I attacked you about your comprehension or intelligence. I don't believe I attacked you in any fashion. Now that I know you were NOT blaming the victim or trying to make excuses for his killers, as it seemed...it's all good. Hope you feel better soon.

BTW...while you have been working as a accountant in KCMo....I worked over 15 years as a Paramedic in the "mean streets" of the Metro area and have seen this kind of thing many, MANY times.