Bad: another LEO poser, another elderly couple

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Thread: Bad: another LEO poser, another elderly couple

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    Bad: another LEO poser, another elderly couple

    BG poses as cop to gain entry. Ties up the 85 year old wife, pistol whips the husband who has Alzheimer's. He demands jewelry or money. Takes the house and car keys...

    Story here

    I wish it were a home with a dyslexic rather than an Alzheimer's victim...

    and a talking Rottweiler.

    Who answered the door...

    "Hi, my name's Dog, my owner is dyslexic... I have been watching you...What the heck do you want?"
    It could be worse.
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    1) In some states it is a crime to try to prevent an LEO from entering your home even if such entry is blatantly illegal.

    2) Many states have laws for CCW and others that they must submit and turn over their arms to LEOs when stopped and it is requested.

    3) No knock warrants. If you shoot an LEO entering your home serving a warrant you can expect to spend the rest of your life in prison, that's if you get lucky and they don't shoot you first when they see you with a gun. Of course a savvy home invader may yell "Police" or even be wearing police gear. If that happens, you're dead.

    Solid laws. Considering it is impossible to impersonate an LEO and an LEO's safety is more important than everything else, including developing appropriate procedures that don't endanger everyone.

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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    I live in a very nice place, with minor problems now and then. Even though, I installed a very nice steel gate door in front. Small holes and reinforced, and actually does not look getto. Only one on my block for years.

    It never opens when anyone is out there knocking, until I want it to.

    I really feel pain for the people who are set apon by the animals because this economy is so lousy, and being made worse every day (though the News won't tell you that).

    Additionally, this type of crime causes extra pain for LEO (in a kind of Urban Legond kind of way) in that they already have it tough gaining trust of most people.
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    Sounds like the neighbors have a plan to prevent it from happening again. Call in a suspicious person report everytime they see an LEO in the neighborhood. Yep, sounds like a plan to me. California, gotta love it.
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