Take a look at the video- Young Home Owner fighting off home invaders H2H

This is a discussion on Take a look at the video- Young Home Owner fighting off home invaders H2H within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Good for the homeowner. If he had shot or stabbed them they could sue and the HO would be in trouble anyway. That's one of ...

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Thread: Take a look at the video- Young Home Owner fighting off home invaders H2H

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    Good for the homeowner. If he had shot or stabbed them they could sue and the HO would be in trouble anyway. That's one of the reasons crime is out of control. BGs don't have to follow any rules and GGs & LE must follow strict guidelines. My pet peeve is shielding the head of a BG as he is put in the back of a police car. You don't want to muss his hair or he'll complain. Just because he may have raped or committed mass murder is no reason to bump his head. LUNACY!
    Image a football game. Team A has no rules-15 men on the field, holding, off sides, roughing the passer, clipping, etc.... Team B must play by all the rules. Who do you think is going to win the game? That's where we're at now in regards to crime. Amazing isn't it? Legalities aimed at protecting the BGs. AGHHHH!

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldshellback View Post
    I disagree Spirit, 3 on 1 IS a disparity of force issue. If they'd invade an occupied house, knowingly or otherwise.

    Maybe your right. Hubby always told me it was for elderly and disabled not being expected to "run away" or using lethal force on someone who is physically attacking the same. I never thought about it meaning over whelming odds.

    My point was he could have problems if he ran after them as they were retreating and then shot them.

    If he had only one attacking him in his front yard....as long as he feared for his life and well being...I think he could have shot the one and not been in a world of court hurt.

    He still did a brave and noble thing....no taking away from that.
    Part in bold--- sure didn't seem that way at all.
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    Sure looked like he had the chump by the ear, and him a hollerin' "Daddy Don't"

    They realized he was gonna give them a whole boatload of grief, and they obviously wanted no part of it.

    They seemed like punk amateurs, who will wise up in the future, and most likely arm up and become dangerous.
    Too bad he didn't drop one in the house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit51 View Post

    Part in bold--- sure didn't seem that way at all.
    .....And looking at it in toto...... maybe, maybe not.
    The law may or may not see it that way but once the gauntlet is cast and the adrenaline is pumping, there is no recalling actions. Right or wrong, he jumped in with both feet and took 'em to task for all he was worth.

    "in fear of his life"..... it probley never left him up untilhe 'couldn't' follow....... I look back and see both sides now

    either way he did what he had to do...........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit51 View Post

    Part in bold--- sure didn't seem that way at all.
    He didn't shoot them. I said that IF he had shot one in his front lawn and he feared for his life and well being...he would probably not have a issue with the law. Self defense. But since he didn't shoot anyone that point is moot in reality.

    I can't see any reason he would be in any trouble now. He used physical force to stop the one....he didn't stab or choke him. Everything he did was within reason and I believe would be backed by the law.
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    Fight on the lawn in his boxers...

    What they don't tell you in the video is that the guy works nights and he was sleeping after his shift was done. They also do not tell you what he does for a living.... According to the story I read that went in to greater detail, he is a cop.
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    If he was a cop he should've dropped the one with his hands on the tv and the other two would've gone away for life.
    Why?? Because at the last second, the Police are minutes away.

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    A couple of 'double taps' while still inside the home would have helped society in a big way.OMO
    These three dirtbags will be out and 'working' again in no time.
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    Glad the BGs were caught and the GG wasn't hurt.

    What did surprise me was the BGs coming back for the one that was being held! Usually BGs just take off to save their own skin and could care less what happens to their "friends" in crime.
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    They all look like a bunch of losers. Congratulations, losers. You invaded the home of a man and his family while they were still there. The three are lucky they are not taking a dirt nap. I dont often wonder what its like to be scum. Maybe its not so bad, these types all seem live their whole lives this way, and they usually seem to be not very intelligent AT ALL.

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    My concern would be where were the neighbors? Ive run out to help a neighbor out even in my old neighborhood (Lived in Pharr, Tx) and if I had seen 2 people attacking a neighbor I would of called the cops and helped em out.
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