GOOD: Armed car jacker shot and caught

GOOD: Armed car jacker shot and caught

This is a discussion on GOOD: Armed car jacker shot and caught within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Another case for shot placement being a key factor. Watch the video report to the end. Carjacking suspect crashes as Southfield police pursue; police shoot ...

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Thread: GOOD: Armed car jacker shot and caught

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    GOOD: Armed car jacker shot and caught

    Another case for shot placement being a key factor. Watch the video report to the end.

    Carjacking suspect crashes as Southfield police pursue; police shoot as man tries to flee | news - Home
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    Very interesting and happy that he was caught so quickly.
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    This happened a mile and a half from where I work. That just reaffirms my decision to carry to and from work everyday.
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    I guess he gets yet another chance.
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    Already shot by police on a previous occasion?
    This dirtbag is a slow learner...perhaps the third time will be the charm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Already shot by police on a previous occasion?
    This dirtbag is a slow learner...perhaps the third time will be the charm.
    Poor Parenting (if even two were around, sometimes) or 'Stupid is as Stupid Does'.

    I was lucky (really, really lucky) in that I grew up on the streets of Pittsburgh (welfare rat) and the USMC took me in as a member of the close family. Loved me, fed me, sent me to school and gave me responsibility. So, I do not 'insult' the young lad so much as I question the parents influence.

    Edit add: Does not mean that I would not drop him in a hartbeat if he invaded my space, uninvited. "Life is hard, it's even harder if you are stupid!" (Sands of Iwo Jima, some guy actor with the lst name of Wayne).
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    GOOD: Armed car jacker shot and caught-5432.jpg
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    Another one of those worthless people that got what they deserved. Its just to bad the cops shot placement wasn`t a little better, because now we tax payers will have to support his worthless ass while he is in prison.

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    Maybe he'll be worm food the third time.
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    We can blame the society he grew up in, the revolving door justice system and just about everything coming down the pipe but when the day is over the only person responsible for his action would be himself.

    We are now looking at a whole generation of people who have grown up with the belief they are "victims" of someone else and so they resort to things like this. It is never their fault, or so they have been told over and over. Now instead of hearing it, they fully believe it. That mentality is the cause.

    He won't stay in hospital/jail for very long, some bleeding heart will no doubt tell him, "It isn't YOUR fault you have failed as a human, it's obviously the fault of someone else" and then he gets released.

    Then, I believe Karma will catch up and he will get three popped center mass from the next person he carjacks and it will then be game over.
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    This BG is not scared of being shot. Strike three cant come soon enough.
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    I've known folks who collected butterflies, rocks, and even soda cans. But I've known precious few bullet collectors on the civilian side... not normally a long-term hobby.

    Most of them left their collections in the OR, though I know a couple older fellas who still tote around a bit of metal.

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    They need to change the title of this thread to BAD. The punk was shot twice two different times and is still not dead

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