Doctor opens fire in hospital

Doctor opens fire in hospital

This is a discussion on Doctor opens fire in hospital within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Doctor opens fire in hospital. A trauma surgeon at Erie County Medical Center suspected of luring his ex-girlfriend into a hospital stairwell before fatally shooting ...

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Thread: Doctor opens fire in hospital

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    Doctor opens fire in hospital

    Doctor opens fire in hospital.

    A trauma surgeon at Erie County Medical Center suspected of luring his ex-girlfriend into a hospital stairwell before fatally shooting her multiple times at point-blank range remained at large late Wednesday.

    He had served as a Army Special Forces weapons expert.

    Doctor sought in fatal shooting of former girlfriend at ECMC - City of Buffalo - The Buffalo News
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    SF weapons expert and the finances to acquire weapons and the knowledge to convert them to select fire along with Escape ans Evasion training unless he commits suicide I have a feeling there will be a serious firefight when they corner him
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    Good Grief! Even educated physicians going postal. What is this world coming to? Now he gets life doing free prostate checks on his roommates.
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    Special Forces Weapons Expert and only in the Army for two years? My, how times have changed.
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    Dang. Got to be more to the story.
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    From the article it seems there were a lot of red flags nobody picked up on.
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    let me guess what his name was.......Dr kildare

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inspector71 View Post
    Special Forces Weapons Expert and only in the Army for two years? My, how times have changed.
    I'm guessing the top-notch research department at BuffaloNews pulled that directly from his resume.
    Well, at least he didn't claim to be the guy who shot Bin Laden. Because that was ME!

    Oh, and can anyone tell me where to find a "high powered handgun"??
    "...he fired multiple rounds from a high-powered handgun..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by jumpwing View Post
    Oh, and can anyone tell me where to find a "high powered handgun"??
    That would be aisle 5........
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    Well his life is over. He's already lost. And if he does initiate a firefight when he's cornered, he will lose that one too. They always do. Usually by shooting themselves somewhere in the mess.
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    People have it made, and then things like this happen, good grief, there are other fish in the sea!
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    I have to wonder if his story of being a "Special Forces weapons expert" was actually true----I have STRONG doubts. Shoot, when you factor in Basic, AIT, jump school, SFQC, Language schools, etc, there are at least two years of schooling involved--and after paying all that money for training, they aren't going to release him unless he was injured or something similar.......

    And as to the potential shoot out--maybe--but I'd call the guy a craven coward at heart--any "man" who abuses women and then murders his ex-girlefriend (who is a single mom) is no "Man" at all, but a coward hiding in a man's body.

    The doctor also held Wisniewski hostage at knifepoint in her home, Shipley said.

    "He threatened to kill her a couple of times," she said, "but I think in her mind she wouldn't believe it would actually happen."
    Yes, honey, it could actually happen. Its so sad that so many women and family members who know men like this creep live in a self-imposed delusion about their violent natures.......
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    "Jorden does not have a pistol permit."

    Not following the law I see. Not to mention the sign he ignored that I am guessing was posted outside the hospital. The law and the sign should have kept this from happening. /sarcasm
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    Quote Originally Posted by hinkleid View Post
    Even educated physicians going postal.

    Education has nothing to do with it. A coward/killer can be anyone.

    What is this world coming to? Now he gets life doing free prostate checks on his roommates.

    NOW, THAT is funny.
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