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Google Shopping Restricting References to Guns...

This is a discussion on Google Shopping Restricting References to Guns... within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Then this is kind of strange, I googled Glock, laser sights, ammo, Kimber, Colt 1911 and got screen fulls of search results on every one....

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Thread: Google Shopping Restricting References to Guns...

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    Then this is kind of strange, I googled Glock, laser sights, ammo, Kimber, Colt 1911 and got screen fulls of search results on every one.
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    I just put in 1911 on the search and it came up with Colt, pistol and a couple others, went to the page it had all kinds of 1911s

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    I think it is if you use the shopping search itself. Regular google search finds anything. More than you may want if you turn safe search off.

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    Strange. I just googled "CZ P-07 for sale" and got MANY hits.
    SOLD my guns.
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    We are talking about a company that bent over to do business in "family friendly" China.
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    Spirit51's thread was closed because there is already a thread about it. And that is the same reason this one is closed.
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    This doesn't affect my life one bit. I won't let it.

    Google has:

    1) the best search engine as far as I am concerned
    2) Gmail, which I now prefer over all the other web based e-mails
    3) Google Maps
    4) YouTube

    I don't use Google for buying a firearm. In fact I don't use Google to shop at all.

    Google is a free service that I get quite a lot out of, with very little being given from me because I follow the strategies in the below links:

    Dealing with Google’s privacy policy – IV « Web Fraud Security

    Dealing with Google’s privacy policy – III « Web Fraud Security

    Dealing with Google’s privacy policy – II « Web Fraud Security

    Dealing with Google’s privacy policy – I « Web Fraud Security

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tangle View Post
    Then this is kind of strange, I googled Glock, laser sights, ammo, Kimber, Colt 1911 and got screen fulls of search results on every one.
    Click the "Shopping" button and try again. It's NOT the search function but the Shopping function.

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    It really amazes me me how quickly some people drink up the paranoia Kool-aid and of course, it immediately gets linked to Obama. This is just another story that's pure hype.

    Please, get a grip. Google is just fine.
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    Personally, I don't like to use search engines for shopping.

    I'll use them for research on what I want to buy, which in turn usually leads me to a reputable source to buy from.

    This won't really change how I use Google.

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    In Google shopping, searched for "Glock" - nothing; searched for 45 ammo - got this Barnes 21547 45 Colt 200gr XPB VOR-TX Per 20

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeppelin03 View Post
    I like google. Nothings changing that for me.
    I've never liked google and ditto.
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    No one should be using any Google product that values privacy. They are the only company that keeps any and all data on people using their products indefinitely.

    What started out as a good company has become a nightmarish compan doing whatever it wants to. The sad thing is, the same people are running the company.

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    Actually, you can tell them not to save your information, opt-out. And not all their stuff opts you in in the first place. They are fairly forthright with their privacy policies, though most people don't bother reading that stuff, and enforce them on their partners and clients. I would also trust them more than most companies (possibly all) when it comes to protecting your information. Realize though, anything online that derives much revenue from adds is trying to track you and figure out how to better advertise to you. That's why this stuff is free... Many other free resources online don't let you opt out, and many not only have terrible security, but they actively sell the info they get from you.

    Also, you can try to boycott them, but you'll be surprised at how many sites are using them to serv adds, drive searches, host all sorts of things, tie into their API's, and write code with their libraries. The list goes on and on, it's nearly impossible to not use anything google, and you wouldn't know if you were even coming close. Up at the top of this site there are 2 google driven adds...

    Edit: I also can't help but think that there are lots and lots of stores out there that don't sell guns. I still frequent them. My local walmart doesn't sell them, nor does my local harmans or home depot, the gas station, or the closest pawn shop to my house. I still go to all those stores from time to time, their lack of firearms hasn't kept me away :)

    I also have been told by someone who works for google that this had more to do with how they are changing their shopping site, the implication being that they would have to jump through some legal hurdles with CA law if they didn't start enforcing a no weapons policy. Which makes a lot more sense than them just hating guns. There's plenty of google products that have plenty of guns, from blogger, to youtube, to searches, and many more.

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    google shopping censors gun results.

    couldn't find a thread. sorry if this is a double post. Google Sadly Joins The Anti-Gun Brigade - Forbes
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