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Victim Selection Double Fail!

This is a discussion on Victim Selection Double Fail! within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Dennis1209 Anyone read the comments to the article? Hard to believe but I didn't see any comments from the liberals. And that ...

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Thread: Victim Selection Double Fail!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis1209 View Post
    Anyone read the comments to the article?

    Hard to believe but I didn't see any comments from the liberals. And that folks, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside
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    Surprised it has gone this far without someone pointing out that there is no such thing as a "former" Marine.

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    The BGs brother said he would have done the same thing, and doesnt blame the Homeowner. WOW......
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    I would have done the same if it were my house.

    Only I would hope my burglars spoke Italian, because I wouldn't want them to misinterpret my warning that I was armed, willing and about to defend myself.

    Uscite da casa mia! HO una pistola e dovrà difendere me stesso! Tu morirai se non lasciare ora! Bang, Bang, Bang!

    I don't believe it says anywhere in the Victim Handbook that a Victim has to warn their Bad Guys in English.
    Sorry, English and Italian are the only two languages I'm familiar with enough to give those warnings in.

    Wonder if I should study Chinese?
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    This was a great link. thanks for posting it.

    The dead BG's family speaking out and saying he had already told his brother that he would get killed doing what he was doing was a good thing in representation of the story in its larger perspective. More BGs need to be told that by their own families & more families need to open their eyes the way this man did to the wrongdoings of their families.
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    It's hard for me to understand how one can just break into the home of another...just the way I was raised.
    Anyone kicking in a door has to be there with 'bad intent'...only one cure to that illness.
    Glad the homeowner sent such a strong message to other dirtbags in the area..."No repeat offenders, just dead offenders!"
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