I was a bit of a disbeliever myself until (a) I saw sparks fly on our shale backstop, and (b) we managed to set fire to an old mattress when we were hosing down our tin can targets. Originally posted here: What?? Target shooting blamed for Utah Wildfires

It's entirely possible that there is some agenda-driven motivation behind blaming recreational shooters for some of the wildfires we're having out west, but having seen it happen with my own eyes, I no longer discount the likelihood, not just the possibility, of starting fires by shooting. FWIW, our ammo was Mil-spec M2 for the Garand, M193 for the ARs, and Wolf FMJ for the SKS - ALL copper/brass jacketed.

FYI, we took care of the fire we set with the shovel we had with us. We had 5-10 gallons of water as well, but we elected to start with shovel and dirt rather than give up our water - worked out fine.