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TV Station posting list of permit holders

This is a discussion on TV Station posting list of permit holders within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by mprp What is it with people having the need to stick their noses in others' business? I guess it's also an easy ...

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Thread: TV Station posting list of permit holders

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    Quote Originally Posted by mprp View Post
    What is it with people having the need to stick their noses in others' business? I guess it's also an easy way to make sure you don't pick one of those as a target if you're the BG. Oh well, so be it.
    Human nature. One only needs to look at ourselves on the issue of open carry to see it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldrwizr View Post
    Again (and again) as someone affected by this (I've looked myself up in the registry) it only lists street names. My street has three CCP holders. Out of about 40 houses you have no idea which the three are, and chances are 20 more households have guns but no CCP holders. So in my mind the database is worthless in terms of identifying any individual, but it still pisses me off so I'm signing the petition.
    The info you are looking at THIS TIME has be reduced to the level of providing only street name and number of holders on that street. This is only a small portion of the info that is available through the public info access. Other news sources have gone as far as printing the complete name, address, and expiration date of permit holders.

    They did show "some" restraint by trying to keep it to a nondescript/non personal level but when there are only "X" number of residents and the number of permits on that streets also equals "X" it takes away the anonymity.

    This will keep occurring until we get our representatives to change it to non public info.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit51 View Post
    I still didn't see the reason they put out to the general public about WHY they are doing this. There is no explanation of why it was necessary for the good of the public to violate the civil rights of lawful CC permit holders. Can someone tell me what I missed.
    IMO, it's a blind belief in so-called "Sunshine" policies, the idea that transparency is good. Of course, that depends on one's POV. From the perspective of those harmed by such intentional, undesirable disclosure, it's inexplicable. Can't see what the actual gain is, for the citizenry to know such information. After all, as a group, those having gone through the sieve of checks and background evaluations are far less likely to be a threat than John Q. Public.

    Shame on people in the media who can't comprehend the simplicity of this. Kudos to citizens and their representatives in states that have closed such ridiculous disclosures and restricted them to active criminal investigations only.
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