Deputies knock on wrong door

Deputies knock on wrong door

This is a discussion on Deputies knock on wrong door within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Deputies knocked on the wrong door looking for a suspect,when the occupant answered the door with a gun he was shot and killed Deputies shoot, ...

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Thread: Deputies knock on wrong door

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    Deputies knock on wrong door

    Deputies knocked on the wrong door looking for a suspect,when the occupant answered the door with a gun he was shot and killed
    Deputies shoot, kill man after knocking on wrong door | Watch the video - Yahoo! News
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    I know we have every right to answer the door with a gun in our hand, but I keep mine behind my back or under a newspaper for just these reasons.
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    The 'victim' here should NOT have opened the door without knowing who was at the door.
    Talk through the door, but when/if opening the door, the gun should not be seen.
    I understand both sides here, a very unfortunate mistake.
    I imagine that this will cost the county some big bucks...
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    You don't need to know
    Things that make you go hmmmmmmm ....

    LEO typically stand to the side of a door instead of directly in front of it. Were the deputies in Uniform? Did they have sidearms drawn?

    There's a front window next to the front door as well as an exterior light, if the deputies were in plain clothes why did this guy open the door to strangers at 01:30am?

    If the deputies were in uniform did he really point the gun or did a deputy jump the shark?

    So many questions so few answers .....
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    At least they knocked.
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    Since criminals surreptitiously try to gain entry posing as police, even if the cops announce themselves, I will be armed and calling 911 for verification. A case can be made for dogs, motion detection lighting, security storm and robust entry doors, along with a different vantage point from which to observe the entry. Enough time must be garnered for the dispatch to tell officers that they have the wrong house before they get to the safe room and face 12 ga slugs.
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    Cops go to the WRONG ADDRESS and KILL a totally innocent guy who had nothing to do with the original suspect. If you knock on someone's door at that hour, then you should immediately assume that the occupant inside will be in a defensive mode. It was also stated that the cops did not announce themselves.

    Of course, the guy should never have opened the door...... But then, would the cops have busted in???? Did they have a 'no knock' warrant in hand??

    I understand LE is generally difficult - but this is some poor police work IMHO.
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    Disgusting. The officers will not be charged with a crime. It just is not right they can say oops everytime something like this happens. But of course it will focus on the man that got killed using poor judgment.

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    Thats gonna cost the dept. a fortune, for a wrongful death suit.
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    Expensive mistake. Prayers for the slain homeowner and his family. We always checked the address and verified it prior to approaching it, must be the new way?
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    Checking an incorrect address and verifying it could just make it a verified incorrect address...

    Here's an idea... Maybe scope the place out for a couple days and make sure the person you are looking for actually lives there? Especially if you're going to go knocking at that hour, oh - and identifying yourself wouldn't hurt either.

    This will be yet another cover up, somehow making the innocent guy the one to blame.

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    I wish we citizen carriers got free passes like LEO get whem they make life altering mistakes.

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    We're absolutely surrounded by incompetence in this country. Nobody gives a damn about nothing, not even their own jobs.

    Case in point: this weekend I took my motorcycle to a small indy shop to have the rear tire replaced. I went to get it, got on, and rode off. Immediately I hear a screeching sound from the rear wheel, so I ride back to the shop to check it out. Turns out the idiot kid put both brake pads on the same side of the caliper. First I had no idea they would both even fit on the same side. Second, I have no idea how somebody could be that absentminded and I'm one to talk. But like I told the owner, the worst thing about it is that it wasn't caught in a test drive. I noticed it in 20 ft. Does anybody give a damn about anything anymore?
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    [rant ON]

    Anyone need more evidence that we now live in a fascist police state? In a free society, police officers keep the peace. How does this correlate with no knock warrants, armored personnel police vehicles, drones spying on farmers, street cameras monitoring all movements, SWAT teams throwing flash bombs and breaking down doors on the basis of a prank phone call, and now the murdering of innocent citizens (ooops, we're sorry, wrong house). The acting President's National Defense Authorization act allows the arrest and detainment of citizens without any charges or due process, and then this gutless cretin goes a step further with his July 7th executive order to control all electronic media, "in the event of a national crisis'' (like maybe he's not going to win the election). He ignores the Constitution, illegally raises campaign funds in foreign countries, violates the separation of powers and the system of checks and balances, and controls the complicit Democratic Media Complex to issue his misinformation, lies, and propaganda. All done while looting the national coffers for the benefit of "the people", I mean "his people": his union lackeys, his big donors, and the willing sheep that follow him for their next big score. Most unfortunately, the only other viable political option is really no better for any of us either, except maybe economically.

    And all that Americans do is sit back and wring their hands, and say "oh, that's terrible. How can they do that?"

    It's already over, folks, and we didn't even get in the game.

    "The suppression of truth has long been among the highest priorities for the upper echelons of power and authority. For a minority elite that clings to power by the manipulation of the masses using an omnipresent cocktail of lies, deception, mass-produced ignorance and ingrained propaganda, the destruction of truth is an essential method of control. It is a formula that has worked to unmitigated success for the elite throughout history, whether the shadows of power stretch from ancient pyramids, marble temples, castles, mansions or halls of governance."-Manuel Valenzuela

    [/rant OFF]
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    Here we go. Another emotionally charged cop bashing thread.

    A tragic thing happens. It's reported by a member, and all people can do is bash the police instead of using it to discuss ways to not let this happen. Before you know it, the black helicopters are circling, and the tide of conspiracy is rising.
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