Scary: Crazed Beaver Attacks Two Girls

Scary: Crazed Beaver Attacks Two Girls

This is a discussion on Scary: Crazed Beaver Attacks Two Girls within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; As if the zombies weren't enough... Crazed beaver attacks two girls swimming in lake leaving them with serious injuries | Mail Online...

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Thread: Scary: Crazed Beaver Attacks Two Girls

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    Scary: Crazed Beaver Attacks Two Girls

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    Good thing the uncle was able to kill the beaver and have it tested, 65 pounds I never knew those critters could get that big.
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    Above average year for rabies in the mid south/west. My state has already seen a yearly average number of cases as of June.

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    I heard the beavers where like the Viet cong ---only come out at night and live in tunnels underground-----

    I had some problelms with them around here. lucky I got my trusty 870 wingmaster to fix it.

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    I don't like beavers.

    'Jump up and down on their hutch and watch the water (he'll get mad and swim out to see who's jumping on his hutch). Have your safety off and be ready to go, because he won't have his head up for long.
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    Reminds me of the bit by Jeff Foxworthy about a guy being bitten in the nipple by a beaver.
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    Anything that can chew a tree in half is nothing to mess with.

    Beavers are very curious and territorial. That curiosity has got lots of them killed.
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    One of the scariest nights I've ever had was fishing on a remote pond, after having been dropped off (no way to get home until I was picked up). I was too young to carry, so all I had was a dull survival knife, and a crazy beaver kept swimming up toward me... it was creepy.
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