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This is a discussion on You knew it.. within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Since when are movie theatres required to protect people from anything other than fire? When an emergency door has an alarm, it's so people can't ...

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Thread: You knew it..

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    Since when are movie theatres required to protect people from anything other than fire? When an emergency door has an alarm, it's so people can't sneak in for a free movie, not for the safety of the customer. Emergency exits exist for the safety of the customer. But they are not required to protect you against mass murderers. Neither is McDonalds, 7-11, Safeway, the gas station, the ATM, ... You get the point.

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    Trying to hold the theater liable for damages for precluding patrons from bringing weapons on its private property is as baseless as holding WB responsible because of the violence in Batman. Don't play the baseless suit from the other side and argue it has merit because it supports your agenda. It's still baseless and without merit.

    The person responsible for this tragedy is in custody.

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    Individualisim and personal responsibility are out the window in our society like a lot of other things. Law suits like this are about nothing more than using a tragedy as an opportunity to leach off the leagal system and make money off the ever decreasing number of people who actually produce in this society. It's the new American way. The only one not mentioned in the law suite is the perp who commited the crime probably because they figure there's no money to squeeze from that stone instead they get these other parties to settle to avoid costly court battles. The cost of doing business in this all about me entitlement society.
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    "someone has to be responsible"
    They mean this monetarily not criminally.


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    Does this mean that residents of Detroit can sue former executives of the late Orion Pictures because Robocop portayed the city as violent and powers that be as corrupt?

    I just dont understand the sue happy. Dont get me wrong, in a situation like this I would certainly lawyer up as soon as possible but I would try to maintain a level head. If this shooting happened in a chick flick or God forbid, a childrens movie do you think this result would still be the same?
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    Was it an emergency exit or just an exit? Many theaters here have an exit that takes you from the theater to outside. People use these exits after every show and an alarm never sounds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gene83 View Post
    When the police have "To protect and serve" on the sides of their vehicles, don't you feel that they should have some responsibility to live up to the advertising? If a cop says "Hey dude. You're on your own. Hope you're carrying and have a permit." Do you think he might be derelict in his duty just a tiny bit?
    Advertising, yes that's what it is, and it's a feel-good attempt to make the public think they are getting their tax money's worth. If the police happen to be on scene as a crime happens, I believe 99.9% will do their best to stop the crime. But when the Supreme Court rules that police are under no obligation to protect the citizenry, I'll take them at their word and protect myself by the means and methods I choose. If a cop actually said what you wrote, and did nothing, I think he would be derelict but covered under the law.

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    The only way I can see this going in favor of the plaintiff is because of the emergency exit alarm not working properly. Personally, I think it's a good thing though. Might make some businesses rethink their anti-CC policies. If you won't let your patrons be armed, you should provide adequate armed security.

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    I've never seen a movie theater that holds more than a few hundred customers. Does the law say "theater" or "theater complex (or similar language)?" And why is this arbitrary number chosen?

    If the theater did not have gunbuster signs, does their liability increase or decrease? I think the root of the legal argument is, why post gunbuster signs at all? Why not have signs that say "no murder or robbery?" What is the expected result versus the actual result of gunbuster signs? If this lawsuit moves forward, and the plaintiff's attorney is half way intellignet, expect to see a lot of Cinemark executives in very uncomfortable witness chairs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    Suzanna Hupp ... following the Luby's Cafe massacre in Texas.
    For those who haven't seen her testimony in front of the U.S. Congress, here's the video: click.

    And a discussion in 2012 in Springfield, Illinois, for the push toward concealed carry: click.

    I hope that some of the victims/families can take heart from her story and realize there is much that can be done when there can be no justifiable or supportable defense against criminalizing and keeping upstanding citizens from being able to effectively defend themselves as they go about their lives. Such as, getting the unreasonable restrictions of "fish barrels" (such as large entertainment facilities) being tagged as unlawful zones where criminals may be predators with next-to-no risk of being stopped in the act.
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