Granny Takes On 5 Thugs And Wins

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Thread: Granny Takes On 5 Thugs And Wins

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    Granny Takes On 5 Thugs And Wins

    You've got to see this:

    Granny with gun scares off armed thugs
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    they looked like the keystone cops

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    I saw this on Fox and Friends this morning and had to watch it again. I love it. BGs scattering like cockroaches and one POd woman chasing after. Never underestimate a angry Nana.
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    I suppose the thugs didn't take the time to read the "Pull" sign that was probably on the door. This one's destined to be a classic!

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    Now THAT was priceless! Granny Gone Gangsta! Door says Pull moron. They're lucky she didn't have a 12 ga. with 00 Buck. Could have got them all at the exit.
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    Awesome! Granny does it right! Too bad she missed!

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    It took me 5 minutes to stop laughing out loud. I love it! Watch closely as the SUV leaves the parking lot. On the right side there is still a dancing shadow trying to get in and the vehicle is moving. Driver didn't want to wait for them all to get on board!

    It was in California. They probably figured it was a 'gun free' store. WRONG!

    Watching 65 year old Gunny Granny sprint down the aisle after them was a hoot. If she'd caught them all bunched up at the door they'd have started to leak.

    Between her and the 70 year old that chased the two out of the internet cafe they are doing just fine with their guns, thankyouverymuch.

    I am expecting her to get a visit from OSHA or the Building Safety minions though, the door is supposed to open out if I understand the rules correctly.

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    Good for Her!! That was some funny stuff!!
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    Bet the crooks had toy/airsoft guns and when confronted with the real deal pithed themselves
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    That's Great!

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    Get 'em granny! Love it when the good people come out on top.
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    Waiting to hear the Benny Hill music.
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    That front door was a big, fat choke point for those Einstein's

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    What did the one thug say to the other thugs while they are all ferverently trying to pile into the Explorer?

    "Dude, Why she gotta be hatin", jez gonna ask if she wanna donate to the soup kitchen man!"

    These guys should be in the movies.
    Poeple would go pay big money to see this.
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    That was priceless!
    The stupidity of some people NEVER ceases to amaze me.

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