It happened to a trained LEO, it can happen to you. Be careful!

It happened to a trained LEO, it can happen to you. Be careful!

This is a discussion on It happened to a trained LEO, it can happen to you. Be careful! within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Be safe when you holster your CCW | Gun Digest - We Know Guns So You Know Guns Glad he is going to be ok......

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Thread: It happened to a trained LEO, it can happen to you. Be careful!

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    It happened to a trained LEO, it can happen to you. Be careful!

    Common sense is NOT common. There is a difference between intelligence and wisdom...

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    Yep, be careful and deliberate when re-holstering and don't rush. There are very few, if any, circumstances where you would need to rush in re-hostering.
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    Glad to hear he'll be OK. Lesson learned for all.

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    It happened to a trained LEO, it can happen to you. Be careful!

    I'm glad that he will be fine too, and not to belittle anyone, but please understand that not all LEO's are even close to being good at handling guns.
    Practice! Practice! Practice!

    Stay alert and remember 4 simple rules.
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    If you have a Walther PPS you can put your thumb on the red dot when reholstering. The striker will pop up if the trigger moves alerting you that your weapon is about to discharge.

    It happened to a trained LEO, it can happen to you.  Be careful!-walther-pps-ccw-9mm-striker-fired-pistol-cocked-indicator.jpg

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    I make no attempt to be quick about reholstering, in fact I watch the gun and holster as i put it back just to be sure no loose clothing makes it's way into the trigger guard.
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    Good reminder, take an extra 5 seconds to ensure a safe holstering of your firearm.
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    Glad he is expected to have a full recovery.
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    Great, another Serpa to be blamed...

    I will say that this IS an advantage of any gun with a grip safety... if you train to holster properly with it.

    Man, that's gotta hurt though... yowch. I wonder how long it took before the sound he heard registered in his brain that it was his gun that went off, then how long until the pain reminded him of it.

    I hope to never find out... BE SAFE OUT THERE!

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    The only way to prevent such an outcome given the equipment and clothing present would be to visually ensure a clear holster channel. I'm not certain that even that measure would have prevented this accident, given that it was possibly out of the shooter's line of sight. Plastic ends on drawstrings are always a bad idea when re-holstering firearms.
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    Even with a grip and thumb safety you still need to be careful when reholstering.
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    there was another guy that shot and killed himself with his kids in the minivan at a store and they said the same thing happen that the cord from his jacket got hung up in the trigger

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    Always need to be careful when're hosteling.

    My EDC is a Sig 1911 Ultra. I always click the safety on before holstering and once the barrel starts into the holster I switch to the rear of the slide as my contact point for pushing the gun into the holster. Never holster a grip safety equipped weapon with your hand compressi g the grip safety.

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    Everyone trains to draw...not many train to re-holster (law enforcement and security need to do this in case of needing other hand while cuffing). I have noticed many AD's have occured while re-holstering because they either can't keep their fingers out of the trigger guard or catch the double action trigger on something like the thumb-break snap flap that goes over top of gun. Even heard of people catching the seat belt lock (the part that sticks up in some cars where you snap the belt into) in their gun and causing an AD. KEEP FINGER ALONGSIDE THE SLIDE-THEREBY FEELING ANYTHING THAT IS GONNA GO INTO THE TRIGGER GUARD AND STOPPING IT FROM HAPPENING.

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    I don't think the holster had anything to do with the AD. I suspect the same thing could happen with any holster. Glad the officer will recover. Hopefully everyone learned a valuable lesson.
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