Attempted Robbery,Local Walgreens, CHL Holder Wins

This is a discussion on Attempted Robbery,Local Walgreens, CHL Holder Wins within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by DrahtDog College is the street that JJ's pawn the gun shop is on right? But this happened on the other side of ...

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Thread: Attempted Robbery,Local Walgreens, CHL Holder Wins

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrahtDog View Post
    College is the street that JJ's pawn the gun shop is on right? But this happened on the other side of I-10 on that street, correct?
    That is what I understand. College and 11th
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    I'm having a hard time understanding why the man wieilding the shotgun was only fired at once.
    Guess the threat went away. But a Shotgun? Really, only one?
    Hmmmm! I think my right index finger is conditioned to twitch three times when it's under stress.........
    Sometime more! Especially if I were up against a shotgun.
    I want my handgun to be equal in effect as the shotgun would be if it were fired at me.
    Glad it worked for him. But now we gotta heal, convict, feed, and house the guy for the next 20 years.

    Yea, I know, "He a "Good Boy" who's trying to turn his life around."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom Doc View Post
    Does busting a cap in his a** teach him any lessons? Might not be the ones we want.
    The threat of imprisonment hasn't deterred much. Might as well try something else.

    Of course, your point about unintended consequences is valid. It's entirely likely that one result of so many robbers being stopped is the simple expedient of shooting first and asking questions later. Frankly, if getting erased or thwarted continues to occur, it's one of the few options they (the criminals) have.
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    Found more info on this on another site. It comes from a friend of the victim. • View topic - Good Friend Got Into A Gun Fight

    In case you can't get to the site, here are the cliff notes.

    Truck in the next parking space
    Perp jumps out, throws down on him with a shotgun
    Friend is seated with one foot inside his Jeep Cherokee
    Keeps talking to perp and pushing shotgun barrel sideways
    Says he's getting his wallet.
    Pulls his Taurus 709 Slim from kidney carry
    Fires once
    Perps falls backwards, drops shotgun, jumps up and runs
    K9 finds the perp shot through the hip and hiding.
    Friend goes home alive to his wife and kids.
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    I'm glad he didn't keep shooting. The perp dropped his shotgun and ran. If the victim kept shooting as the perp ran away unarmed, he might have had a lot of legal troubles. Glad he's OK and as JJVP said, went home alive to his wife and kids. Good outcome.

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    It takes guts to drawn down against a shotgun wheeling bad guy

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    yea no kidding. guy outdrew a drawn gun. i wonder if it was loaded?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom Doc View Post
    Sometimes the bad guys carry unloaded or toy weapons (thinking it goes better for them if caught, which is questionable). Don't know in this case, but it at least appears the BG was not ready to shoot. Does busting a cap in his a** teach him any lessons? Might not be the ones we want.
    When a person is threatening me I am not concerned about teaching him anything. My only concern is for my well being.


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