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Stupid: Professor to Cancel Class if Students Carry

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Thread: Stupid: Professor to Cancel Class if Students Carry

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    Free thinker teaching our kids, what else is new..

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    If I were a student, I'd cancel the class too, but it would be BECAUSE OF THE PROFESSOR.

    I'm too contrary now to ever be a college student again.
    Helpful hints on pushing back and strengthening the 2A:

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    I think the "Nutty" Professor needs to go teach at some Southern Cali school if he wants to feel good about not having a buncha people exercising their rights around him
    We can carry concealed at California universities and schools.
    Best comment on the news story "The professor proves himself to be of small caliber and immense bore."
    I don't always have nothing to say, but when I do, I post it on Facebook.

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    Let him.... then you still get credit for the class and an "A" on top of that.
    I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. --- Will Rogers ---
    Chief Justice John Roberts : "I don't see how you can read Heller and not take away from it the notion that the Second Amendment...was extremely important to the framers in their view of what liberty meant."

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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    My dept. Chair (whom I have tremendous respect for) encouraged me to stay and join the faculty. I asked "why, so I can hang out with all these morons that we both can't stand"? With his blessing, I ran to the private sector and never looked back.
    Good move!

    My daughter, working on a Ph.D. in structural dynamics, had finished her class work and her 200 page Masters Thesis and was getting ready to start on her doctoral thesis when she took a look around her. She called her Mom and I and said, "Please don't get mad at me, but I'm going to drop out and go look for a job. If I write that thesis and get the doctorate, I won't be able to work anyplace but a university and I don't want any part of working in one."

    So she did exactly that. She had some trouble even having a masters degree but eventually found an employer that found 4 years of HS transcripts and 7 years of college transcripts with a total of one B between them all, to be a feature. She's a PE in PA, NY, and ME now and loving being able to design bridges, the company expert in hydrology, and other structures.

    Her opinion of of a career teaching at a major university was surprisingly low. She had some wonderful professors at Cal Poly Pomona (all her professors at Cal Poly were both Ph.D.s and licensed professional engineers who had worked at least 10 years as engineers outside the university system) where she did her undergrad, and some decent ones at Notre Dame (not one of her professors at Notra Dame had a professional engineering license or had worked anyplace outside of a university) where she did her graduate work (on a full academic scholarship), but she wanted no part of the petty political environment they had to work in.

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    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety), by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” by H. L. Mencken

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