Stupid: Professor to Cancel Class if Students Carry

Stupid: Professor to Cancel Class if Students Carry

This is a discussion on Stupid: Professor to Cancel Class if Students Carry within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Hmmm... I wonder who's class the deranged gunman will choose to shoot up? Professor defies campus concealed carry laws with threat to cancel class | ...

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Thread: Stupid: Professor to Cancel Class if Students Carry

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    Stupid: Professor to Cancel Class if Students Carry

    Hmmm... I wonder who's class the deranged gunman will choose to shoot up?

    Professor defies campus concealed carry laws with threat to cancel class | The Daily Caller
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    How is he going to know if someone is carrying concealed? He sounds like a guy with more mouth than thought process.
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    . I know it's beating a dead horse, but...

    "Concealed means concealed"
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    Quote Originally Posted by wmhawth View Post
    How is he going to know if someone is carrying concealed? He sounds like a guy with more mouth than thought process.
    'Reminds me of most of my professors.
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    Hmmmm, doesn't "concealed carry" imply concealed? And how would this idiot liberal gun hating pointy headed intellectual nerd professor know that any of his students were carrying if they carried concealed?

    Just cause ya got a PhD doesn't mean ya got any common sense!!! Sounds like this egghead has a totally irrational fear of an inanimate object. Sounds like a psychological problem to me! Maybe the school ought to have him evaluated to see if he is competent to be teaching young minds!! He doesn't sound too logical or rational to me! Maybe he is suffering from mental illness and could snap at any moment an reek havoc in his classroom with some of the implements in the physics lab! OMG, some of those things can be dangerous!
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    Easy resolution, cancel professor peterson’s contract to teach and replace him with a professor willing to teach without discrimination.
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    Sounds like the college should give this Prof his walking papers! Yeah, like that will happen.......
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    Fool. Proving once again that education is not a direct relative of intelligence...
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    As I have often said about some of my fellow administrators, there is a big difference between intelligence and wisdom.
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    This sums it up good for me

    “It’s concerning that a member of CU-Boulder’s respected faculty would display such a personal and professional contempt for the law. The issue has been resolved in the Colorado Supreme Court; tenure doesn’t give anyone the right to rule otherwise. For the most part, we’re pleased with the conduct of the college itself, but the lack of maturity or professionalism on the part of a few is disturbing.”

    Read more:

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    Took a quick look at Professor Peterson's picture - unless he has a hidden superpower I don't think he could protect his class or even himself in a Virginia Tech shooting situation. Yet he wants to assume that responsibility.

    It's ironic that Peterson's research area is nuclear physics. If there was ever a smoking gun in the room.... A nuclear physicist who expects society to trust him and others like him with the knowledge of nuclear power and weapons but fears a student qualified to defend themselves with a pistol. Really?

    Poor thinking indeed. This doesn't happen very often, but I find myself embarrassed to be a physicist.

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    Wife works for a college and the Colorado policy was discussed. As the people around her squirmed uncomfortably, my wife pointed out their choice: Have people who are going to carry illegally anyway in their class, or have people who have some training and background checked also there. She indicated a few people around her had a, "Gee, I hadn't thought of THAT" moment.

    Sounds like this prof would cause a lot of problems for the university if he somehow tries to go through with his stance...lots of people forget in a university setting that students are paying for a service, unlike high school, and not providing the service that was agreed to because of a personal opinion would cause some problems. Imagine stating that you wouldn't teach students who had had an abortion and see how far you'd get.

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    Not surprised by this at all. What I am surprised with is that there aren't other professors at CU doing the same thing.
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    I would never wish for an innocent to get shot, but this guy might be stepping out of the innocent role, and into the role of facilitator. Would it be justice for his class to be attacked? Well, not fair for his students I guess, but maybe then he could actually be teaching them something of value.
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    If he cancels class that means more time at the range!
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