Unarmed Female U.K. police officers shot dead during routine call.

Unarmed Female U.K. police officers shot dead during routine call.

This is a discussion on Unarmed Female U.K. police officers shot dead during routine call. within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Two unarmed officers were gunned down by a wanted fugitive in the Manchester area of northern England on Tuesday, police said. The dramatic shooting shocked ...

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Thread: Unarmed Female U.K. police officers shot dead during routine call.

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    Exclamation Unarmed Female U.K. police officers shot dead during routine call.

    Two unarmed officers were gunned down by a wanted fugitive in the Manchester area of northern England on Tuesday, police said. The dramatic shooting shocked the country, but a top officer dismissed calls to issue his force with more firearms.

    Chief Constable Peter Fahy told a news conference that Fiona Bone — a 32-year-old who was planning her wedding — and Nicola Hughes, 23, died shortly after the gunman opened fire and set off a grenade in Hattersley, a suburban area about 16 kilometres from central Manchester.

    The man alleged to have carried out the killings, 29-year-old Dale Cregan, surrendered at a local police station shortly after the incident and was booked on suspicion of murder. Cregan had already been the focus of an intense police manhunt as a suspect in two murders last month.

    Fahy said that Cregan, or an associate, had telephoned police reporting a burglary Tuesday morning and the two officers responded. "When they arrived, it appears then that Cregan emerged into the road and killed these two officers," Fahy said, adding that the man's motive was "impossible to fathom."

    Fatal gun attacks on police are a rarity in Britain, where firearms are tightly controlled and few officers carry deadly weapons. Britain's Home Office said it doesn't compile figures on the number of officers killed in the line of duty, but Steve Lloyd, who manages the Police Roll of Honor Trust — a charity devoted to fallen policemen and women — said that five officers had been shot dead in the past decade.

    By comparison, 544 U.S. law enforcement officers were shot to death in roughly the same period, according to figures compiled by the FBI.

    Prime Minister David Cameron called the Manchester shootings "a shocking reminder of the debt we owe to those who put themselves in danger to keep us safe and secure," while Scotland Yard chief Bernard Hogan-Howe described the incident as a "horrific attack."

    Deadly gun attacks by criminals or terrorists occasionally lead to calls for more armed police, but Fahy batted those away Tuesday.

    "We are passionate that the British style of policing is routinely unarmed policing," Fahy said. "We know from the experience in America and other countries that having armed officers certainly does not mean, sadly, that police officers do not end up getting shot dead."

    Unarmed U.K. police officers shot dead during routine call - World - CBC News
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    They will equip them with louder whistles! Prayers for the two officers who did not stand a chance!
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    They wouldn't want to alarm the public into thinking that crime is getting that bad,in a country where you can't defend yourself without being charged,and they expect the Police to protect them when they don't even have any means to protect themselves
    In 2005, unarmed constable Sharon Beshenivsky was killed and a female colleague wounded when they went to investigate an armed robbery in the northern English city of Bradford.
    This is just stupid,unarmed Cops going to an armed robbery,I guess they figure nobody desperate enough to commit an armed robbery will use a weapon to keep from getting arrested
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    So sad. Shame on the admin that fails to safe guard their officers.
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    And what a worthless piece of subhuman crap the accused is. Shoots cops and throws a grenade at them, then walks into a police station and surrenders... knowing full well he'll face no death penalty and probably not even a life sentence in bleeding-heart England. Almost on a par with the Norwegian kid murderer, who'll get out of prison with a good piece of life left to enjoy.

    My prayers go out to the families of the slain lady cops, but in spite of my Christian beliefs I find it extremely hard to pray for salvation for their murderer. I'm working on it.
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    Shame on the citizens who find it acceptable to send defenseless volunteers into the teeth of the beast.
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    Wow. Just wow.

    Aside from the loss this would make for a great story to prove the antis wrong but of course they never are.
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    I wouldn't do that job unarmed. Heck I wont even do unarmed security anymore. I am almost always armed and I'm not a LEO anymore. I feel sorry for those men and women who do the job without adequate protection. I have contempt for citizens tha allow that and for an administration that puts up with it.

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    Becareful of what you ask for; you may get it.

    Happens to countries too.

    RIP, Officers.
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    There are so many things wrong with that story I don't know where to begin so I'll just say prayers for the families of the slain officers.
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    "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

    Apparently that quote means that not even LEOs (in some countries) will have firearms. Thats,...crazy! I didn't know that.

    RIP Officers.

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    Tragic indeed, but preventable. The Officer could have been armed but no, that won't be acceptable in England. Wake up call perhaps? Well maybe not. My prayers for the slain officer and her family.

    **sarcasm**As for the shooter, no doubt he will get a stern warning to not do that again, you know, guns are not allowed and how dare you.**end of sarcasm**
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    England is an example of how gun control can work. They would have been just as dead had the murderer used the leg of a table to beat them to death. They had no chance against this man who was intent on not being caught. RIP
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    I've asked UK citizens, and some, while still saying they don't like guns, realize the problem they're facing. They can be arrested as homeowners for defending their home against intruders! This just happened when the owner shot one of the burglars and was arrested for doing so.

    That's scary, but the UK will never, ever have widespread gun ownership again. They're essentially a Big Brother state as is with CCTV cameras everywhere and they seem to trust their police and government to protect them, despite violent crime rising for years while ours goes down.

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    A cop without a gun. I'm so sorry this happened, but who in the world would want to do that job? Those unarmed officers get paid $350,000/year, right? No? Then WHY, WHY, WHY would you do that. When the boss tells me to go run into that armed robbery, he can have my badge and slapjack. I just retired. I pray that our country does not start down that road, although it seems we already have. Shameful and sad.

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