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Hmmm: man shoots dog, loses...

This is a discussion on Hmmm: man shoots dog, loses... within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I love dogs as much as the next person. But, about a month ago I was sitting in the swing on my front porch when ...

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Thread: Hmmm: man shoots dog, loses...

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    I love dogs as much as the next person.

    But, about a month ago I was sitting in the swing on my front porch when a dog I didn't know came running up the steps barking at me. I pulled my pistol at the same time I yelled at the dog to get out of here. The dog wisely turned and ran off. If it had continued toward me I would have shot it without hesitation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suntzu View Post
    That is so wrong. My Norwegian Elkhound was a fun loving good dog and would never hurt someone. But when he ran toward you he could scare the crap out of you. Once we were playing with him behind our house. He ran past me toward this lady who threw whatever she had in her hand in the air and ran inside her house. I learned then to make sure he was restrained.

    Same thing with my Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound). She ran past my wife and got outside. A lady jumped in her car and was terrified. That dog also would not hurt a fly. They both wanted to play. We were much younger then (20 years ago) and make sure our dogs are kept on a leash when they need to be.

    To say might be your opinion but an ill informed one and a fallacy proven over and over again.....IMO
    I would agree that there are some 'in between' judgements to be made. I've also had some dogs growl, but it doesn't make me want to shoot them.
    How would you feel if a neighbor who knew your dog, but decided he's going to try out his new gun on your fun loving good dog because he was running at him?
    Keep in mind that this was a neighbor, and I'm sure that he knew the local need to shoot in a situation like that. Only "IDIOTS" would shoot a neighbor's dog like that. (I respect your opinion, and I stand by mine.)
    I know the dogs all around our 'hood', and there are a few that I would be cautious with...but I could easily handle in a situation like that without grabbing my gun.OMHO
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    am i reading this correct? dog runs toward shooter and shooter shot dogs? .. i have little knowledge about dogs, but if any runs toward me from out of no where, i will hurt it bad or possibly kill it WITH a blunt object though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 02R1 View Post
    am i reading this correct? dog runs toward shooter and shooter shot dogs? .. i have little knowledge about dogs, but if any runs toward me from out of no where, i will hurt it bad or possibly kill it WITH a blunt object though.
    If you've never had a dog run toward you you must have spent your life as a shut in.
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    Evidence the prosecutor hid and why the Rodgers lied to the police and media.

    The Rodgers knew I was a foster parent for DoD with the military working dog program.

    Here is evidence that I had uncovered myself by requesting a open records request from the police station...

    Round Rock 911

    They were drunk and admitted to the prosecutor that they had been smoking weed the day of the incident. State's notice under the Brady Rule.

    They even went as far as claiming to the police that I had class 3 automatic weapons.

    One of their friends that made a false statement to police is a former police officer that was also protecting her husband that threaten to shoot me and my service dog. She was also one of the individuals that admitted to smoking weed with the Rodgers.

    There are two more youtube videos you can is Amy Rodgers busted on police video caught collaborating with her husband on what to lie about on her police statement. Her conversation starts at 3:25 on the video.

    When you watch the KVUE reporter (Jessica Holloway) that got caught lying by my lawyer you can read the description box with hyper links to more evidence.

    The penalty for attacking a DoD K9 or Horse is up to 10 years in prison.

    The penalty for attacking a service animal in Texas is a Class A Misdemeanor, it becomes a state felony if the animal is injured.

    So why do you think the Rodgers lied ?

    Just a note to everyone that took the liberty to blast me on here...get the facts before you ruin someone's life.

    Before I made the decision to use my firearm to put down the dog, I made two attempts to kick it away. Since it chased my dog around me with my modified leash that is tethered to my body...I got tangled up and my dog was pulling me off balance.

    At that moment I didn't want to be on the ground and have a dog that already committed to attacking my dog, maul me.

    I am not your average dog owner ... your first clue should have been I was a foster parent for DoD...I am well aware what a dog can do to someone. If you need facts you can check with the CDC and read about the 4.5 million dog bites / attacks every year in the United States. Or you can watch countless youtube videos on K9's taking down a decoy.

    Any dog can be aggressive if not properly socialized. Just because a dog is friendly with people, does not mean it is friendly with strange dogs.

    Or the fact that over a 1000 people a day are sent to the emergency room for serious dog attacks and bites.

    Bottomline ... my dog was on a leash. I was not on their property. I was not drunk, I was not smoking weed and my dog did not start this attack. I was merely walking my dog home from a 2 mile walk.

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    Is this over now or still dragging on? DR

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    I've been multiple dogs while out running with friends. It was friggin' scary. we didn't hear them until they were almost on top of us.

    these days, any large dog that comes full speed at me gets a boot square to the nose as a first chance, and then a bullet if it insists.
    I carry because zombies.

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    A large dog charges me?
    If safety even crosses my mind, YOU BET I will put it down!

    I am not taking a chance of being bitten or mauled because someone cannot or will not control their animal. I love dogs (and have three), but the larger and more intimidating dogs are, the more vital it becomes to train and control them. They do not always bark, growl, or snarl when they approach (like the pit bull in the park just a week ago).

    I have absolutely no moral duty to retreat from a charging dog. The animal needs to be controlled, or the owner must face the consequences and be held accountable for its behavior.

    The law in Ohio specifically addresses this issue, and even if it did not this would remain my stance. I am neither obligated nor obliged to risk a dog's attack .

    I was attacked on a residential street by a Doberman when I was 13 riding my bike in California. That will not happen again.
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