Bad: elderly couple beaten severly in home invasion

Bad: elderly couple beaten severly in home invasion

This is a discussion on Bad: elderly couple beaten severly in home invasion within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This sickens me.... this couple were in their 80's... three masked and armed men entered their apartment and started beating on them... with guns or ...

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Thread: Bad: elderly couple beaten severly in home invasion

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    Bad: elderly couple beaten severly in home invasion

    This sickens me.... this couple were in their 80's... three masked and armed men entered their apartment and started beating on them... with guns or wrenches, or both... looking for the money.

    Older people on limited incomes, unable($$$) or unwilling to live in a "home" (I can sympathize there, many "homes" are not desirable, and I'd just as soon live out my life free, even if shorter), are victimized by criminals with no human regard.

    The thing is, and we've had this discussion here, what if one or both of the couple might not be able to handle the responsibility of a firearm any more? Their children take away their only means of defense against this type of heinous crime. Granted, the folks may not have the ability to get to the weapon quickly enough... and may even be a danger to themselves with one... But on the other hand, to take away their only fighting chance may be just as bad as giving them a death sentence...

    Story Here

    I hope they catch the perps, but doubt they will...
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    So not good, very bad all around. I do hope they recover fully, the perps are located quickly, AND the 'questionable neighbors' remove themselves soonest.
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    My dad, at 87, was still perfectly capable of handling a firearm. Other folks at that age, maybe not. If the mental and physical capabilities allow, I'm all for maintaining one's own SD. But when those deteriorate, well, it's like driving; some people should no longer be behind the wheel, no matter what wars they may have fought in the past, etc. Trust me, I see folks daily in S. FL who should not be driving and proabaly shouldn't be carrying if they do.

    Many older folks keep a lot of cash on hand as memories of the Great Depression and how the banks failed stick with them, or they simply can't get about well enough to run to an ATM or bank when they need money. As for someone who would prey on these folks, no punishment is too much.
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    This is my greatest fear for my parents. They live in a big house and everyone knows that they are old and frail.

    However, everyone also knows that I live next door, and I am not.
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    I have no problem with dirtbags like this crew being permanently removed from O2 use...could even be considered a 'green job'.
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    Poor folks. This is horrible. Whec I am with you in this one. My parents are no where near that stage but they are moving into my city, with my grandmother and eventually this is a concern of mine. Karma is good, God punishes the evil. Unfortunatly it isnt always on our schedule or liking, but theirs is coming. Hope the folks recover quickly.

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