Bad, Bad, Bad---family attacked in Calif.

Bad, Bad, Bad---family attacked in Calif.

This is a discussion on Bad, Bad, Bad---family attacked in Calif. within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Father, 4-year-old shot dead in California after gunman sets fire to home | Fox News Dad died trying to shield his kids...........

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Thread: Bad, Bad, Bad---family attacked in Calif.

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    Bad, Bad, Bad---family attacked in Calif.

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    Even in the lost state of California, arson is considered justifiable homicide.
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    There is a special place in hell for anyone who hurts children. So sad to hear this.

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    Just read this and definately prayers to the mother and childern that were able to survive. What bothered me was the comments and the anti's. Right back to if we only outlawed guns this wouldn't have happened. I know it's Cali and sort of expected some of it. Unfortunately we don't know the specifics to understand the whole story and if it would have been possible to defend themselves. Only hope at this point is the attacker points a weapon at the LEO when they find him and they save the state a trail and the cost to put this guy away for life.

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    Sick and pathetic. That's about 60 miles from me...idk what to say other than if it were my house they wouldn't be searching for a suspect they would have found him dead in the house from a hail of gunfire and my kids would not be harmed. I'm sure it surprised them and there aren't many details but of the neighbors knew he was weird he should have been on their radar always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scramble4a5 View Post
    There is a special place in hell for anyone who hurts children. So sad to hear this.
    I know of a special place for people like that, and I can guarentee that it will make hell look like a resort.
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    I can pray for the souls of the father and the dead child, and that the mother and the surviving children fight through this. As for this Desmond John Moses whose suspected of pulling the trigger...... I can only hope he's already taken care of himself by now.

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    This is a special circumstance case,after conviction tie him to a post,liberally douse with gas and flick lit matches at him until you hear a whoooof
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    I know of a special place for people like that, and I can guarentee that it will make hell look like a resort.
    Turn them over to a ROK Army interrogation team. Those guys could get a rock to confess to anything.
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    Just horrible...

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    I'd have a hard time calling the Police if that were me and my house!

    I think my shovel would get a workout though!
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    Man found dead at scene of California shooting wore armor

    Too bad he didn't start with the bullet to the head.

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    I saw this news story before work this morning and it's haunted me all day. Prayers to the family - the father who died shielding his children, the mother who despite getting shot in both legs carried her 4 yr old out to the street - he later died, the children injured - my heart just breaks.

    I may have misunderstood the story, but the way I'd read it was he and the family he shot both lived on the same property but in different homes. My understanding was he set fire to and was found in his own bungalow. He did the shooting in the other family's home - upset that he was being evicted but they weren't even the landlords. It's just a horrible story all around. I agree with socal, too bad he didn't just take himself out...

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