Bad : Two Nearby To Me Shootings

Bad : Two Nearby To Me Shootings

This is a discussion on Bad : Two Nearby To Me Shootings within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; One hundred percent of this is over drugs and the "boyz" from Detroit who are dealing the stuff. My hometown seems to be mired in ...

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Thread: Bad : Two Nearby To Me Shootings

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    Bad : Two Nearby To Me Shootings

    One hundred percent of this is over drugs and the "boyz" from Detroit who are dealing the stuff. My hometown seems to be mired in drugs, drug abuse and nothing can really be done about it.

    This recent shooting was 10 blocks away, but it just as easily could have been next door to me or up the street. No wonder I carry when I'm out.

    Police investigating 2nd shooting in two days - The Herald Dispatch
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    That's really scary, especially being so close to your home!

    It's bad over on this side of the state too. We get a lot of drug dealers from Baltimore, DC and Philadelphia because we're on I-81 just south of I-70. If it wasn't for the drug crime most of the other crime would be petty stuff like shoplifting. No such thing as a safe place to live any more.

    Kind of amusing: a couple of months ago 2 guys were arrested from NYC because they got lost in the backroads. They were driving a black BMW in an area where Coon Dogs bark and reign supreme. A cop driving an unmarked car drove by and they flagged him down to get directions because their GPS wasn't helping. That's how they ended up in the regional jail and we got to read about in the paper next morning.
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    Its bad on the other side of the KY border too, especially towards the southeast. Meth labs every 10 feet.
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    Stay safe JoJo..

    One advantage to living in a big city is that those types of things can get isolated (for the most part) to certain area of town. My area is mostly car burglaries.

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