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"BREAKING NEWS: Police Investigate Two Murders In Less Than One Hour "

If the shooting was justifiable, and no charges are being pressed the WHY DOES THE HEADLINE READ "TWO MURDERS"?


What are they studying in lieu of vocabulary definitions at journalism school these days? Somebody needs to send the headline writer a copy of Websters.
I work at a newspaper, but unfortunately I proofread ads for the ad department, whereas I would prefer to copy edit news stories.

The writing ability I see demonstrated in the newspaper is... there's no word for it that better describes it than "abysmal." Well, "pathetic" might work, too. "Sub-standard." "Unacceptably poor." (Oops, that's two words.)

Let's not forget, we're talking about the same crowd that will refer to a Glock as a "revolver," and works hard to get gasps from a reader by reporting that the Cessna that crashed had been flying "without a flight plan," as though the pilot was busting all sorts of regs by doing so.

These people are writers about all subjects, but knowledgeable about none.