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I'm trying to understand what you're advocating as society's most effective response to this vicious, violent murder committed by teenagers. Help me understand. Do the conditions of their neighborhood justify this act? Did society grow these miscreants by not providing their families "a place to live that they could afford"? Societal responsibility starts with INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY, it then grows through the family, leaks over to friends, then into the neighborhood, out to the community, becomes the culture of the town, then the (earned) reputation of the state, then the pride of the nation & then becomes the beacon to the world. It DOESN'T drain from the other direction.
The last part of the post was directed at somebody who said I lived in an affluent neighborhood.

I just can't condone the state executing 13 year olds. That's all it comes to. If you think about it, it really isn't that crazy.