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Bad: The violent rhetoric of the Left as they denounce gun ownership

This is a discussion on Bad: The violent rhetoric of the Left as they denounce gun ownership within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Professor 'Looney' should be listed as permanently ineligible to ever own or posses a firearm....

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Thread: Bad: The violent rhetoric of the Left as they denounce gun ownership

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    Professor 'Looney' should be listed as permanently ineligible to ever own or posses a firearm.
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    Heck, there was a left wing cook(the dem chair in fact) in Houston that through a tweet advocated killing anyone who was with the NRA. I thought about calling the FBI on him and also parking in front of his house with my NRA sticker on my car. He lives near me. Leftist twits. Just like hitler and Stalin.. They want it their way and will kill you unless it happens.. Even if they hate guns. They don't.. They just hate not having the power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeanlouise View Post
    He and people like him should remember that armed upstanding citizens fire upon murderous intruders. It's the whole point of being armed, to protect our very lives from such predators ... from whatever quarter, whomever sends them or incites them to action.

    University "professors" inciting murder, eh? Makes one wonder about the state of education. I'm betting he's under 40yrs of age and wasn't raised properly, but that's just a guess. Hopefully the police did more than just talk. Hopefully the DA talked them out of merely doing that, credible threat that it was.
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    This guy should be the Poster Boy for why we need more help for the mentally ill and not more gun legislation.

    I'd be surprised though if he ever encountered an NRA member in person. He would not be so brave and probably wet his pants in fear. It's easy to have bravado at the computer keyboard but come face to face with those you have threatend with death and we will see how easily he cowers.

    He is a coward. Exactly the kind of coward we free and liberty loving gun owners are fearful of actually getting the tools to do what he says should be done. Especially a firearm. Locking this dude up in prison for a few years might change his mind about what he utters.
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    A familiar sight whenever the mask slips off the face of the Left.
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    And to think that once upon a time, "liberal" meant having an open mind.
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    Here we are... This is how they see EVERY ONE of US.
    Bad: The violent rhetoric of the Left as they denounce gun ownership-mil-new_1696288c.jpg

    And this is the way we see them:

    Bad: The violent rhetoric of the Left as they denounce gun ownership-sheep.jpg

    Neither one is an accurate portrayal of either side...

    Edit to add:

    This could be a snapshot of either side:

    Bad: The violent rhetoric of the Left as they denounce gun ownership-diversepeople.jpg

    Both sides refuse to see the realities of the other.... and since innocent children are the victims.... it is our side that will lose. Primarily because we have not shown ourselves to be as much like them in everyday life as they are like us.
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    1. Good reason to carry.

    2. Remember we have radicals who identify with us as well and so taken with a grain of salt. It isn't all of them, just like it isn't all of us who would go shoot up a school. Generalizations are dangerous.
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    They are proof of the "hoplophobe" theory.

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    There's that liberal tolerance they are always bragging about!
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    Just think, they pay this fruitcake to teach our young adults. I think I will contact the school and voice my displeasure of his rant made. This guy, IMO, should not be employed as a teacher of any kind.
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