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    Warning: Heads Up:

    I have to make this a paraphrase of an article about NRA but it applies to us/you so I will hope it stays: the intent is to be helpful. I believe it was from a nationally syndicated columnist but I can't find it again.

    That article gave a wise view of response by gunners to the tragedy and political talk: I think you are as well, by the very vociferous attacks on those who favor regulation, throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Right now the country is in shared grief, indeed the world is responding in a similar vein. I am not talking about Far-To-The-Left people, just the average Joe and Mary American who is overwhelmed by this event and rightly, we all are. They are likely those who believe in the Right to own guns but also have believed in the right to have regulation safeguarding their health and safety - in that they are not much different than the Supreme Court in the Heller Decision a few years back. Anyway, seems the average view. If it sounds - and to me it does - that THEY are being strongly attacked you've caught them at a time when they will not look kindly on gunners for that reason. You don't want that.

    So my suggestion and the article I refer to: is draw back, show the grief behind that great energy you have and distinguish - if you need to attack the enemy now - the right enemy. Even better, skip the enemy, you don't need that sliver and won't get them; sometime the best way to win the game is not to play it, be above them. Make 'em not worth the energy, who needs 'em. Make those who do want to ban guns the extremists. Not you.

    Who you need are those vast Joes and Marys - and nothing will help that more than generous expressions to the families of the lost loved-ones and lowering the attack-level to one who points out misunderstandings. Explanations of those points may be helpful too. Lots of people know nothing about guns.

    Anyway, a friendly suggestion meant to increase popularity in this very difficult time for all.


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