Opinion Piece : Do We Value Guns More Than Children?

Opinion Piece : Do We Value Guns More Than Children?

This is a discussion on Opinion Piece : Do We Value Guns More Than Children? within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This is Diane Mufson a sort of "Psychologist" of some sort, I'm still trying to figure her out. She's the typical Utopian-Unicorn loving-can't we all ...

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Thread: Opinion Piece : Do We Value Guns More Than Children?

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    Opinion Piece : Do We Value Guns More Than Children?

    This is Diane Mufson a sort of "Psychologist" of some sort, I'm still trying to figure her out. She's the typical Utopian-Unicorn loving-can't we all just get along-Liberal who thinks she has all the answers.

    Now she is hurling the accusation that we (gun owners & Pro Second Ammendment) put more value on our firearms than children.

    I can't really post my true and accurate feelings of how much I think Muffy is incorrect.

    Here is her drivel for those who care to read. Her email address is located at the bottom of the article for those who wish to counter her thoughts.

    Diane W. Mufson: When will we value kids more than guns? - The Herald Dispatch
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    They don't get it at all.

    For me, and I know many others, it is because of my love of children and life in general that I am trained and willing to become violent on behalf of myself and others. I don't wish it and pray it NEVER happens.

    Utopia died out once the apple was bitten, many just haven't gotten the memo.
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    The short answer is no...however there are people that have a love affair with guns...you know some of them yourself..we all know some of them..

    There is no correlation between the love of guns and the love of children or anything else.

    I love guns, I never saw a Glock I did not want to sleep with. I also love my children and other peoples children. I love golf, boating, travel, poker with buddies, and lots of other things.

    To try to relate one to the other .......well as they say....it don't fit......
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    Protection of innocents is important. That entails identifying violent risks beforehand, guarding against violence if it does come, and stopping violence if it gets through the "guards" (doors/windows, procedures).

    But you can't stop violence if it's so violent that it crashes right through all barriers, UNLESS you've got the practical and effective ability to do so. And that requires training, tactics, skills and generally weapons.

    It sounds trite, but so far as I can tell it's basically true: that in a population that has armed itself to a small degree (carried daily), which is up against a population of violent criminals that has armed itself to a large degree (carried daily), disarming the many will essentially only clear the path for predators to find undefended targets as they commit their acts of violence.

    Disarming victims does not create fewer victims, when criminals' weaponry cannot all be found and taken from them. Even if it could, violent criminals train daily to be violent criminals, whereas the average person simply doesn't have the first clue about how to withstand a determined violent act against them, and such a person's going to have a terribly difficult time successfully doing so if he/she has been forcibly disarmed ahead of time.

    Agreed. The "bliss-ninny" approach claims Utopia is achievable merely because we want it to be so, despite the one, in-a-vacuum step being called for having little practical likelihood of being able to make it happen.

    I believe people need to be protected. That entails creating a safe physical environment, going after criminals who threaten us, and having the practical means of resisting their predations if they get to us anyway. Can't be doing that very easily with what you don't have with you.

    If only we could get way the heck above ~2-3-4% active carrying on a daily basis, as a People, then we'd have a fair chance of having anywhere near the likelihood of being armed on an equal footing with armed, violent criminals. Until then, we're all "under the gun" as it is ... compliments of violent criminals. And no wishing it away is going to change that; it'll only make it worse if the grossly-ineffective wrong steps are taken to forcibly disarm the People.
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    Explain: How does disarming victims reduce the number of victims?
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    While I don't have children myself, no way do I value firearms over children, but I carry to protect myself and those that cannot - especially children. If I'm ever in a situation like the one that transpired last Friday, I sure as hell am not going to run away, I'm going to put a wrinkle in the sick pigs plans. I may not be successful in stopping him, and may die trying, but at the very least I hope to distract him enough so the innocents can get out of the line of fire before the calvary arrives. No children will die on my watch if I can help it.
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    IMO..................the US Constitution and the 2A is bigger than all of this.

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    It isn't a choice between our children and firearms. I love the children in this country and would die for every single one of them and I'd also give my life to protect our freedoms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xXxplosive View Post
    IMO..................the US Constitution and the 2A is bigger than all of this.
    I agree with you, but our government doesn't follow the Constitution anymore.
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    firearm deaths vs Vehicle Deaths | DataMasher

    Data showing the number of deaths in America caused by a firearm compared to those caused by a vehicle. Not one state has a higher rate of deaths due to firearms.

    If this woman thinks, as a nation, we value guns more than children, then we also value cars and other material items more than children.
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    Every one of the posts above is absolutely right...

    And yet.

    We know we are going to lose something as a result of this tragedy... what are we going to sacrifice? No, really. Not going to volunteer something..? everything is critical..?

    We must have black furniture, we must have extended mags, we must have grenade launchers, taking anything is infringement.

    Yes it is.

    But Heller allows for restrictions, lest we forget.

    And the restrictions are coming...

    While I haven't given up, and while I know as well as all of you do that the AWB did nothing to stop this type of madness... I know we are going to lose something.

    It might be better if we pick it than if "they" do.

    Just sayin'
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    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Without guns, what kind of future would our kids have? They would be totally defenseless agaisnt tyranny or criminals.
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    I have my guns because I have a family, so I can protect them in the event a violent criminal breaks into our home or attacks us when we're out and about.

    That's the problem... people that don't understand the logic look at the illegal use of guns, then blame people using them legally and want to pass more laws.

    Laws are there, and being broken - that's what criminals flipping do by definition, break the law.

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    I love my children. That's why I've chosen to carry - to protect them any way I can.

    CANT: Carry Always, Never Tell

    Cogito, ergo armatum sum. I think, therefore I am armed. (Don Mann, The Modern Day Gunslinger; the ultimate handgun training manual)

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    "They" aren't going to be satisfied, until we've surrendered them all. I say Hell NO! Sheep require protection, and without the proper equipment, that's going to be a difficult task.

    I'm not ready to concede the argument, and I'm disappointed that so many here are. It's like the first time you get hit in the mouth, you quit the fight. Never quit! Fight like you've never fought before, and keep getting up if you get knocked down.

    It's not the tool, it's the evil that picked up the tool. Only thing that will stop an evil man with a gun is a good man with a gun. Let's not lose sight of this.

    I just left this comment on her article. Don't think it'll do a nickels worth of good, but I had to try. :

    "Gun control doesn't work, won't work, and wouldn't have saved a single life in the most recent tragedy.

    Your premise that gun owners love their guns more than children is ridiculous. I love children, mine, and everyone else's. I would have gladly given my life last week had I been able to stop the evil man bent on the destruction of so many lives.

    But you see, I couldn't have done that with out a weapon. The only thing that beats an evil man with a gun is a good man with a gun. Tactics are nice, but extreme violence carries the day. Law enforcement can not be everywhere, all the time. At best they arrive 20 minutes after the first shot is fired. A good man, or woman for that matter, with a firearm, could have stopped that carnage, or certainly minimized it.

    Bad guys will always get guns. It's a fact. Another fact is more people including children were killed in car wrecks last year. Are we talking about banning cars? No. We've made crack cocaine and methamphetamine illegal right? Did it take it out of our communities? No. All you do when you pass gun control laws is make yourself feel better because you're doing something about it. Doesn't change anything, but you feel better.

    I'm opposed to any kind of feel good legislation. Why don't we do something that will actually prevent this from happening instead? Why don't we create a security team (2 person at least) at each school in America, to hold the fort until reinforcements arrive? That would actually help. What about arming and training school teachers and administrators like they do in Israel? You don't have a problem arming armored cars that carry money, but you don't want to arm responsible people that teach your children? Guess you love your money more than your children, right?

    No more knee jerk laws. Effective, sensible steps to protect our sweet, innocent babies is what we need."
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    " But if you are authorized to carry a weapon, and you walk outside without it, just take a deep breath, and say this to yourself... Baa." Col. Dave Grossman on Sheep and Sheepdogs.

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    Did it surprise anyone else that two of the stats used in the article were from the CDC???

    I was unaware that gun ownership was a "disease" that needed to be "controlled" ...

    Prime example of the tentacles of an over-reaching and empowered government.

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