Man Sentenced For Stealing 159 Firearms From His Employer.

Man Sentenced For Stealing 159 Firearms From His Employer.

This is a discussion on Man Sentenced For Stealing 159 Firearms From His Employer. within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; It hasn't hit the news yet, but here's an email I got from a buddy of mine a few minutes ago............. "Laurie and I went ...

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Thread: Man Sentenced For Stealing 159 Firearms From His Employer.

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    Exclamation Man Sentenced For Stealing 159 Firearms From His Employer.

    It hasn't hit the news yet, but here's an email I got from a buddy of mine a few minutes ago.............

    "Laurie and I went down to the Victoria courthouse today and sat in on Lucky’s sentencing hearing.

    There was a deal made between the Crown and Lucky’s Defence lawyer and in the end he was sentenced to 2 years Federal time (will be served out at William Head) plus 3 additional years of Probation after that, he received a lifetime prohibition on owning any types of firearms, ammunition, bows or explosives, he was ordered to make full restitution to the 14 people that bought stolen guns from him (both here in BC and out of Province), all of the guns stolen from IO are to be returned to IO for re-sale, PLUS all of Lucky’s legally held collection (ie: the guns he owned that were not stolen from anybody!) are to be given to IO to sell for their benefit to help make up for the depreciation on the guns he stole from them that he fired and are now used and therefore lower in value for resale.

    Unfortunately it took them about 2 ˝ hours to explain all of that to the judge before she said “yes” to the pre-arranged agreement and passed that sentencing!

    Sentencing was immediate and after about 5 minutes to say a quick goodbye to his family that attended court today they cuffed him and hauled him away for processing and transport to prison.

    Done and Done!"

    IO refers to the store he worked at and stole from.

    Here's the original story.................

    "The Saanich gun enthusiast who stole more than a quarter-million-dollars worth of firearms and hunting gear from his employer now faces weapons trafficking charges, after police learned he sold a number of the stolen guns.

    More than 159 weapons were recovered last month at the home of Lucky Jhagra, a former employee at Island Outfitters who police allege purchased the items on behalf of the store, then forged transfer papers to add them to his personal collection.

    Saanich police this week said several more guns that were taken from Island Outfitters were not recovered at the home, as they had since been sold online.

    Sgt. Dean Jantzen says police have tracked six of those weapons to homes in the Capital Region, and are in the process of recovering them. More guns however, were illegally sold to buyers outside of B.C., and recovering those will require the assistance of other law enforcement agencies in Canada.

    Though Jantzen said tracking all the stolen items has been a "logistical nightmare" for detectives, as well as B.C.'s Chief Firearms Officers, he says the unusual fact that the employee had registered all the stolen weapons with Canadian Firearms Registry has helped in the investigation.

    "Every single one of these (trafficking) charges stems from records obtained through the registry," Jantzen said. Ownership of all the guns sold online was transferred using the proper documentation.

    "The stolen items were duly documented and registered, so they are all quite traceable," he said.

    The new weapons trafficking charges were approved last Friday, and a warrant for Jhagra's arrest was issued. He turned himself in to Saanich police on Monday, and was expected to appear in court Tuesday.

    Among the items sold online were pistols, rifles and shotguns.

    Firearms trafficking comes with a mandatory three-year minimum prison sentence, if the suspect is found guilty in court.

    Jhagra, 40, now faces four counts of weapons trafficking, and two each of theft over $5,000 and possessing a weapon obtained through an offence."
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    I guess the old rule of never naming your dog "Lucky" applies to your kids as well.
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    Only 2 years for stealing guns worth $250,000 sounds like he is lucky
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    Thank God for the Canadian Firearms Registry! I will sleep soo much better tonight knowing that it saved so many lives.
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    Here's The Full Story In Our Local Paper.

    The former firearms manager at Island Outfitters has been sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty Tuesday to seven charges involving firearms and theft from his employer.

    Lucky Jhagra, 41, appeared in Victoria provincial on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to stealing firearms, stealing restricted firearms, possession of firearms obtained by crime, possession of restricted firearms obtained by crime, unsafe storage of firearms, selling stolen firearms and selling stolen restricted firearms.

    Judge Sue Wishart accepted a joint submission by prosecutor Trevor Shaw and defence lawyer Andrew Tam asking for the two-year sentence.

    Wishart imposed a lifetime ban on Jhagra possessing firearms, crossbows, restricted weapons, ammunition and explosive substances.

    She also ordered Jhagra to pay restitution of about $13,000 to people who bought the stolen firearms.

    An agreed statement of facts read into the court record shows Jhagra was hired by Island Outfitters in 2008 and started stealing guns in 2009.

    He realized that because of a flaw in computer controls, guns ordered by the store could be decreased in the business inventory without being paid for.

    He was able to order and transfer guns to himself without paying for them.

    His thefts were discovered during a general audit in February 2012. By the time he was caught, Jhagra had stolen 148 guns, including 86 firearms and 62 restricted firearms. According to the statement of facts, these were worth $215,000 wholesale, with a resale value of about $272,000.

    Jhagra sold 13 of the stolen guns in accordance with the Firearms Act. The rest were seized by police when they searched his suite in the basement of his parents’ home, the statement says. Forty-five of the guns were stored in an unsafe manner.

    Photos shown to the court show four restricted firearms in Jhagra’s bedroom in unsecured cases on an open shelf in his closet.

    A restricted Bushmaster rifle was found leaning against the wall behind his living room door, without any case or trigger lock. A handgun was found on the floor next to the kitchen table. A shotgun was behind a chair in the hallway, leaning against the wall. In total, police seized about 5,000 pistol rounds, 6,700 rifle rounds and 3,400 shotgun rounds, the statement says.

    During the sentencing hearing, Shaw asked a Saanich police officer to hold up the Bushmaster rifle, a large-calibre handgun and an assault rifle with magazines to demonstrate the threat to public safety if the military-style weapons had fallen into the wrong hands.

    Island Outfitter owners Darren Wright and Ward Bond filed victim impact statements that show Jhagra’s crimes have had a significant impact on the small business and left them feeling unable to trust, the prosecutor said.

    Tam said his client has no criminal history, offers no excuse for what he has done and is deeply remorseful and regretful. Jhagra’s interest in firearms became obsessive, then pathological, and grew into an addiction that overcame his sense of right or wrong, Tam said.

    Since his arrest, Jhagra has lost his job and the respect of his friends.

    “Everything he cared about has been taken from him,” Tam said.

    Letters of support filed with the court show Jhagra is bright, popular and resilient. He has already started counselling and is committed to change, Tam said.

    Wishart accepted that Jhagra was truly remorseful.

    “This time in your life does not have to define you,” she told him. “After your sentence, you can return to being defined by all the good qualities you possess.”
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    Sounds like he was low on ammo.

    Glad to hear the (insert proper title here) is getting counselling. <--------sarcasm

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    just wow....o.0
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