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1st grader brings gun to school after exNYPD mom forgets she put it in daughter's bag

This is a discussion on 1st grader brings gun to school after exNYPD mom forgets she put it in daughter's bag within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Secret Spuk I think there is a possibility the daughter too the gun to school of her own volition... but the mother ...

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Thread: 1st grader brings gun to school after exNYPD mom forgets she put it in daughter's bag

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    Quote Originally Posted by Secret Spuk View Post
    I think there is a possibility the daughter too the gun to school of her own volition... but the mother took the blame to save her daughter. The mother may have fallen on her sword to save the daughter.
    That is a possibility. But, if it were so, one still has to ask how the kid got the gun in the first place.
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    People have lost any sense of perspective. While it is clearly irresponsible to have lost control of the weapon no one was hurt. In the rural school I did my student teaching in many years ago staff and students brought guns to school all the time, especially during squirrel season. It was no big deal.

    The act of possessing a firearm does not naturally cause an individual to be a violent criminal, although that is the impression Obama and his minions would like you to have.
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    Is it possible that they were sharing the backpack? Maybe Mom carried it for a daytrip on the weekend? And the child used it for school during the week. I can see a scenario where it could happen without intent by either to take a gun to school. It is still the mother's responsibility, though.

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    I got my first handgun 37 years ago.
    I've carried for 28 of those years.
    I have never... NEVER found myself in a position to say "huh... I wonder where my gun went".
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    Had to be 15-16 yrs ago, a detective at my precinct received the call that her young son (6 or 7 yrs old, I believe) had just shot himself and died. I was in the adjoining office when she got the news. Heart-wrenching.

    Learned later that he shot himself in the face with her off-duty revolver. As young kids do, unable to grip the gun and squeeze the trigger properly, he turned it around to face him and with both thumbs on the trigger, squeezed.

    Where was her gun left for him to find it? In the OVEN.

    They'd entertained guests the night before, too lazy to put the gun away properly, she put it in the oven of all places. Forgot about it and the kid found it the next day.


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    Quote Originally Posted by KoolBreeze View Post
    What is it today? Everybody needs a therapist it seems. Get a grip America.
    And guess what? In NY now, those same therapists can talk to those kids, and then decide that their parents don't need to have a firearm in their home because they feel the children are too traumatized. While this may not be stated in the new law, I can see it being applied.

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    This is one of those extremely rare instances where I fully support taking away her guns and denying her the right to buy another one. If at some future point she can demonstrate that she's not completely stupid and has learned how to handle the responsibility, it might be re-instated. But at this point I think she's demonstrated that she cannot handle it.

    I don't say that lightly. But in this case, children's lives were truly endangered by her actions. Like driving drunk, I think owning a firearm while stupid precludes the individual right.

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    Update Article 2

    She told police she forgot to take .22 pistol, flare gun and bullets from son's backpack after going on walk the night before.

    A New York mother of four was arrested Friday after her 7-year-old son unwittingly brought an unlicensed .22-caliber semi-automatic pistol, ammunition and a flare gun to his school.
    Article Link

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    This is not the place for this: This forum is for the following purpose:

    In the news encounters with the bad guys, with both successful, and not so successful, outcomes. Armed citizens have a fighting chance against criminals; those without are at their mercy.
    While gun related, it is not a defensive related news topic.

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