Yep, I know the DC versus AC imbroglio but also understood Edison was credited with the invention of the "Electric Chair", which was why I wrote my post the manner it was. I guess it's less than clear.......looks like I credit TAE with 440V AC.......

This execution method was created by employees of Thomas Edison during the War of Currents, and has been used only in the United States and, for a period of several decades,[1]
BTW, Tesla spent a wee bit of time out here in Colorado too:

On 17 May 1899, Tesla moved to Colorado Springs, where he would have room for his high-voltage, high-frequency experiments;[111] his lab was located near Foote Ave. and Kiowa St.[112] He chose this location because the polyphase alternating current power distribution system had been introduced there and he had associates who were willing to give him all the power he needed without charging for it.[113] Upon his arrival, he told reporters that he was conducting wireless telegraphy experiments, transmitting signals from Pikes Peak to Paris.[citation needed]
Regardless, I strongly believe in Capital Punishment.