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The Ugly: Shooting at Lone Star College in Houston

This is a discussion on The Ugly: Shooting at Lone Star College in Houston within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by ccw9mm Two shooters, apparently; happened on a school's campus grounds; one shooter in custody and the other fled. That's about all that's ...

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Thread: The Ugly: Shooting at Lone Star College in Houston

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    Two shooters, apparently; happened on a school's campus grounds; one shooter in custody and the other fled. That's about all that's known. Could have been two students, or two coming in from the surrounding community for a hit or a score, or the number could be off (one shooter, not two). Too much is vague at this point. If it is two, hopefully the one will rat out the other soon enough.

    Makes one wonder just how far this would have gotten had nearly every upstanding adult on that campus were armed, or whether they would have even attempted it there. Time for people to wake up about the possibilities, with crime as rampant and random as it is. You just never know when or where.
    well i mean - you kinda know where, or at least where you are that has a greater probability of having something happen, places that advertise gun free zones!

    still seems to be not much new info - i guess the fact that it was reported gang related the media has lost interest, I fully expected when i first heard the news for the reactions to be similar to after previous incidents.

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    Sigh.... I sure wish folks would cool it with shooting each other for a bit. If this keeps up with the media attention it is getting, we will be back to shooting spitballs out of soda straws.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    No, but how about murder getting a mandatory 20-to-life (at minimum), any attempted murder a mandatory 10-20, and any multiple convictions mandatory as back-to-back, with repeat offenders (violent crime) getting mandatory execution.

    Do that, and I'll begin to believe in the first inklings of justice again.
    I like this line of thought too
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    I can't help but wonder if this is going to plague the media as a school shooting - when, in fact, it is gang violence.

    Want to really curb gun violence? Take real measures to crack down on gangs and dissolve them.
    Step 1. Decriminalize all drugs.
    Step 2. Offer drugs to users at clinics for free. (aka: kill drugs street value, completely).
    Step 3. Flag names and social security numbers of "users".
    Step 4. Remove all government assistance from drug users and call for random screenings for anyone who is receiving assistance (money).
    Step 5. Increase penalties for violent crimes - decrease penalties for downloading crappy music online.
    Step 6. Don't blame guns for the actions of violent criminals who are leeching off of a broken system and learning the trade from ineffective, tax wasting prison sentences.

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    I live in the neighborhood right across the street from this college. My wife told me about this morning on the phone. Congressman Gene Greene also lives in my neighborhood. It is not a crimeridden area as others have said. It is a decent, low crime area close to Bush Airport. There is an area with high gang activity near us. This appears to be gang related and not someone attempting to shoot up a school. The Texas legislature has a bill before it allowing campus carry and hopefully it will get passed. Evedently the bad guys didnt realize it was a gun free zone.
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    By now y'all may know they caught the "second" shooter in Plano, Tx (Dallas area). Turns out he was the shooter, and the guy that was shot is the one they first arrested, he has had charges dropped and has been released from custody. So far the SO says it started over one guy bumping into the other guy. A janitor was hit by a stray and will be fine, a student was having heart issues and was taken to the hospital and released.

    Now a local civic loudmouth named Quannel X is raking Gander Mountain over the coals on TV because, in his words, Gander Mountain didn't do an appropriate background check prior to selling the gun. The fact that no store does background checks, they merely submit the paperwork to the FBI seems to matter not to this civic nut. Every time this X guy opens his liberal mouth the local stations in Houston can't wait to shove a mic in his face. Fox 26 did point out the facts about the background checks but that was mostly ignored.
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