Immigration Reform??

Immigration Reform??

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Thread: Immigration Reform??

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    Immigration Reform??

    I'm told by some friends and family I have no heart or compassion for the people that come to our country illegally. Please tell me what you think. I am open to any viewpoint. In my opinion, an ILLEGAL immigrant is just that...illegal! Why is our president about to allow 11 million of them to gain citizenship after breaing the law to come into our country. I know the 2 parties are now catering to the Hispanics because there are so many of them and apparently they vote. But why aren't we deporting them and their families? Doing this only makes more of them come here and risk death or arrest to cross borders. You came here illegally so any kids you had while here should be kicked out too. Tired of my taxes going up to pay for their health services, my insurance rates rise since so many of them drive illegally and without insurance, and they take jobs away from others since they work for low wages. Personally I am tired of seeing signs at stores in spanish, tired of phone systems that tell me I have to press 1 if I want English, tired of products I buy with spanish written on the boxes. When my great grandparents came here legally in 1900, they learned English. How have we let these people get so out of control in our country that they dictate elections and so many other things since they are baby making machines. We need to put a cap on these numbers now.
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    Until we have secured our borders, any kind of immigration reform is meaningless. I am opposed to any kind of amnesty for illegal aliens. We did that once before, and it created a nightmare scenario. "Anchor Babies" needs to be revisited as well IMHO.

    I'm not opposed to streamlining the immigration process, wherein those people who want to come here legally can do so, as long as they have jobs, pay taxes, and become good citizens of our country. Most Mexicans that are entering our country aren't really interested in citizenship however, they only want jobs, and money to send home to care for their families. An effective guest worker program for these people would help too.

    A big part of the solution, is a national ID card. Right now, most of the illegal aliens are coming for work. If you had to have and possess an ID card, with biometrics that couldn't be counterfeited, in order to work, a lot of these illegals would self deport. The companies that hire these illegals could be hammered both civilly and criminally for hiring anyone that didn't have the ID, thus taking the "I didn't know they were illegal aliens" defense away from the employers.

    It's a mess, and our politicians really don't have any incentive to do it right.
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    Well mbguy i guess i have no heart or compassion cause i am right there with you. It's like if you give a kid a piece of candy, all the other kids will come running up wanting their candy. if we give all of these illegals citizenship then all we are telling Mexico is send everyone to America. we will take em and give em everything. Maybe they need to look at some of the countries in the middle east and how they deal with illegals crossing the border. reform to that and i guarantee you we wouldnt need to secure our borders because they wouldn't want to come here. I also agree with KBSR whereas IF (big IF) they want to come here legally, get a job, pay taxes, LEARN ENGLISH, then I'm all for that. But that isnt want they do. few years ago i was in a car accident with an illegal. they ran a red light and Tboned me. no insurance and no possessions so i was hung out to dry. So there are a lot of repercussions that some people don't even stop to consider.
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