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Thread: 1000 Actual Stories Of Self Defense

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    Great site!!

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    thanks QK !!!!

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    LOTS of reading there but, all the stories are quite short.

    I've gone back a few times to read some.
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    An Arizona prosecutor, awakened to noises in his home one morning, feared he was about to become the target of a gang-sanctioned "hit" as payback for his work in trying drug cases. In fact, the Prescott man was under attack not from assassins, but from burglars who had broken out a window on the lower floor and were attempting to steal his prized musical instruments. He was ready. "I had a .25 in the desk, and I got it out and racked it," he reported. When an intruder entered his bedroom and ignored the order to "freeze," the prosecutor fired. Police later tracked down several individuals suspected in a rash of burglaries in the area. One suffered from gunshot wounds to his buttocks, upper arm, and hand. "People can defend themselves, absolutely, if they feel that their lives or the lives of others are threatened," remarked Prescott Police spokesman Sgt. Shane Reed. (The Daily Courier, Prescott, AZ, 6/5/00)

    God I love this town. We have prosecutors who shoot B&E's. I should see if this guy is still around! Maybe I can retain him as my CCW attorney. haha
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    Yeah, but for every self defense shooting on that page, 1000000000000000000000000 children died.

    We have to get ride of guns, if only for the children.

    /sarcastic remarks

    Great site, thanks for the link.


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    an interesting site...lots to read!

    Stay alert...stay armed...stay safe!

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    Don't all these people know that if they have firearms in their home, they are statistically more likely to be killed by their own guns? As well as their kids growing up to be gun crazed murderers, even their dogs getting rabies and their mothers getting cancer?

    What were all these people thinking?

    Don't flame me, I'm one of the good guys being sarcastic.

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    Wow, that's posted on the website of a lawyer!

    Did you notice? They said that the stories were culled from "The Armed Citizen" unless otherwise noted. That explains the brevity and scant details. They're from the blurbs on that page in each issue of the NRA's official magazine. (One of my favorite parts of the magazine: it's usually 5-10 stories of bad guys getting shot by good guys! )

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    good link and great stores!!!!
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    Thanks, we can use this up here to re-educate the idiots.

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    'nother good one (updated daily with at least one new SD shooting)


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