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Editor?s Note: BDN rescinds request for records of concealed weapon permit holders ? State ? Bangor Daily News ? BDN Maine

Basically, the Bangor Daily News here in Maine had put in a freedom of information request for all information available from concealed carry permit holders in the state. I know the NRA has put up some articles on the topic so some of you may have seen this issue already. They claimed it was for research into domestic violence and drug abuse issues in the state, which to me screams BS because all permit holders have to pass background checks. It seems like they might have been looking for that small group that may have had some minor issues with the law in the past but now have a CC permit so they could push their now very obvious anti-gun stance.

They also rushed their request when this bill was proposed: Maine bill would make concealed-carry info private | The Kennebec Journal, Augusta, ME

Backlash from citizens was immediate and very intense, myself included. They have stopped their request and put out a statement, which does not help them make any friends in the pro gun crowd because my interpretation was that they are calling the upset people idiots for being upset. There's a boycott push and one advertiser has pulled their ads from the paper as of right now. A group is also organizing a paper box drop off on their front steps this Saturday for all those who are cancelling their subscriptions.

Overall I am happy that the residents of this State are standing up and being heard. Many outside of Maine see us as a nanny welfare state, which we are and that needs to change, but that doesn't mean there isn't a massive group of liberty loving Americans here.