Shot By An Oven

Shot By An Oven

This is a discussion on Shot By An Oven within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Only an Idiot would keep spare ammo in the oven. Woman shot by oven while trying to cook waffles - U.S. News...

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Thread: Shot By An Oven

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    Shot By An Oven

    Only an Idiot would keep spare ammo in the oven.

    Woman shot by oven while trying to cook waffles - U.S. News

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    "Sandy wasn't charged because he had a proper concealed weapons permit, The Tampa Tribune reported."

    because... "in the oven" is concealed?!?

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    Not to mention you don't need a permit inside your house.

    But...I do think in the oven is well concealed. Who would ever think to see if the oven was printing.

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    "Gun and ammunition references indicate that Glock bullets can explode at temperatures as low as 280"

    What references??!!

    Glock 21 fires a .45 ACP bullet" Automatic Colt Pistol". There are no such thing as "Glock bullets" for the G21.
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    A number of years ago I heard a story about a young police officer who worked a midnight shift who did something similar. He got home and his wife was still asleep and he was looking for a place to secure his duty weapon. For some odd reason he thought bo one would check the oven for a weapon if someone broke in while he was asleep and put his pistol there. His wife gets up later and starts to bake a cake. She preheated the oven guessed it. The ammo in the pistol went off from the heat. The person who told me this story said it was the only time he had heard of a weapon going off with no one touching it. The oven is for food not guns or ammo.

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