Good and Bad : Robbery & Pizza Employee Armed

Good and Bad : Robbery & Pizza Employee Armed

This is a discussion on Good and Bad : Robbery & Pizza Employee Armed within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This Gino's Pizza place has been robbed several times. This time, the robber "claimed" to have a gun in his pocket, he got an undetermined ...

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Thread: Good and Bad : Robbery & Pizza Employee Armed

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    Good and Bad : Robbery & Pizza Employee Armed

    This Gino's Pizza place has been robbed several times. This time, the robber "claimed" to have a gun in his pocket, he got an undetermined amount of cash and fled.

    The Employee, armed with a carry permit followed the guy outside, held him at gun point but the suspect fled.

    Things wrong: Employee should have deployed his weapon before giving the robber the cash, and never follow someone out of the place after they have robbed it. Too dangerous, the guy had an accomplice waiting in a car.

    Good: At least the Employee has a weapon and a carry permit. However, they need some more training and dicipline with it.

    Armed Employee Chases Robber Out of Huntington Business - - Severe Weather and Breaking News Coverage in West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio.
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    I second the training part.

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    I love this part: "Huntington Police say the employee pointed his gun at the suspect, who then let out a shrill scream, fell into a mud puddle and began screaming he was unarmed."

    Glad it worked out well for the employee!
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    There are so many things that can go wrong in a situation like this. I'm always glad to see the good guys win and the bad guys lose, but we need to remember that we are not the police. We should almost never go after someone who is leaving without having hurt anyone. Bringing a gun into play to hold someone at bay, to order them to the ground, or for any other reason than to defend ones self against attack is very risky. What if the bad guy doesn't cooperate and the situation escalates as a result of the gun being involved; and then you shoot? If the police have to shoot the robber over the pizza money, they have my support. It would take something more than that to make me do it; therefore I figure I shouldn't be pointing a gun at him to begin with. I commend the courage and good intentions of the employee, but think I wouldn't have done anything but call the police and try to be a good witness. Was the result okay.....yes. Was it worth risking the other things that could have happened.....not in my opinion.

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