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Teen shot for car jacking

This is a discussion on Teen shot for car jacking within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Tom Gazay I always say if you get shot while doing a crime against another person you put your self there and ...

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Thread: Teen shot for car jacking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Gazay View Post
    I always say if you get shot while doing a crime against another person you put your self there and dont deserve any sympathy. some of these kids doing crimes are vicious
    Exactly. That's why it's madness to claim that the carjacker was a "victim" of a defender going overboard by shooting him. No. Sorry. When someone sticks a gun in someone's face and attempts a robbery (a violent crime), if he gets shot it's because he deserved it.

    Someone said that the police department is reaping what it sows, because who can think of a police department lately whose leadership says anything but, "Give them what they want, it's not worth fighting to keep your material possessions that can be replaced"? They seem to all be saying that crap lately. And my view is that it's about far more than just the loss of material possessions. Those who advocate being compliant victims forget one major huge issue involved: I am dealing with a dishonest person, a crook, who is willing to threaten violence to take what is mine, so I have no guarantee that capitulating to him will result in his keeping his end of the "deal" by not hurting me. I will not take that chance. Let's remember, he's a criminal! What reason is there to believe that on THIS (letting me go once he has my property), he'll be honest?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgtD View Post
    She doesn't understand why he had to die????????

    The criminal is again the victim. Why in the H*** do they put complete idiots on television to say crap like this.

    The little ******** family shoudl have been concerned that there 15 yr old was out ont the streets robbing people at gunpoint.

    IMO: the PD is reaping what they sow with their own anti self defense rhetoric. They are the ones always telling people "just let them take whatever they want and don't resist". So, that's what people (incluing criminals and their families) expect everyone to do. Should you dare to resist you are suddenly at fault.

    Maybe people will wise up some day, or we'll soon be just like the UK.
    What goes around, tends to come around.
    First off, I agree with you completely.

    However, I believe you don't understand what this woman was really saying. She is in DENIAL -- I doubt she knew her nephew was going around doing anything like armed carjacking. Hell, even his parents (wherever they are) probably have no idea. All this comes as a shock to the loved ones, and it is all too easy to blame the PO-LICE instead of being strong and realizing that her nephew screwed up big time.

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    The officer should not have to worry about how many times he shoots.the car jacker won't. We had a rash of car jacking around here involving tourist with rented cars.The rental companys had to change the tags due to the fact that the series of numbers were different and rental cars were easy to spot. I have NO PITY for a car jacker weather it be a boy or man. they both can kill you.

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