Ugly: Police official sold gun to felon, lied to Feds.

Ugly: Police official sold gun to felon, lied to Feds.

This is a discussion on Ugly: Police official sold gun to felon, lied to Feds. within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Apologies, the link to the story is the mobile site of the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Former assistant Chief of Police in Centerville IL. ...

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Thread: Ugly: Police official sold gun to felon, lied to Feds.

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    Ugly: Police official sold gun to felon, lied to Feds.

    Apologies, the link to the story is the mobile site of the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

    Former assistant Chief of Police in Centerville IL. knowingly sold a .45 Hi-Point to a convicted Sex-Offender (Felon) and was caught by a federal sting operation.

    Adding to the "ugliness", he "acquired" said pistol while performing his duties as a police officer.

    He finally confessed when they (Feds) confronted him with audio tapes of the sale, and detailed the sting operation.

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    Ugly is right. Clearly the crooked cop would have conducted a background check on the guy he already knew to be a felon if that "common sense" legislation had gone through
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    One less crooked cop on the street. That looks bad for all the good cops even though they aren't doing anything wrong.
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    At least he didn't sell it at the dreaded gun show. /sarc off
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    I'm still trying to understand how these excellent gun laws that we have now failed to prevent this sale. I mean, it's illegal to sell guns to a felon. This should've prevented the Asst Chief from selling it, right?!

    So much for "common sense".
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    Dang ... where's a good "background check" law when you need one?
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    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    Wait a minute! Isn't that illegal? Well if it's not then we ought to make a law against it. /DiFi off
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    I see now...that's how universal background checks would work to stop crime.

    Oh wait a minute, we're talking about criminals, they don't follow the rules.
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    I wonder how crooked he had to get before becoming part of a sting operation.
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    And in Illinois yet. They're gonna need a new coat of paint on that.

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    Did I read right, it was a H, H, Hi-Point??

    Oh well, now all we're going to hear about is the evils of the Chief of Police Loophole.
    What in the H.E. Double Hockey Sticks is going on here anyhow?
    Bad cop no donut.
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    Not related to SD. Closed.
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