Draw a sword, against the drop, prevail!

Draw a sword, against the drop, prevail!

This is a discussion on Draw a sword, against the drop, prevail! within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Armed home invaders (2), one with a gun the other with an axe. Homeowner gets one with a sword, the other flees! He probably played ...

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Thread: Draw a sword, against the drop, prevail!

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    Draw a sword, against the drop, prevail!

    Armed home invaders (2), one with a gun the other with an axe.

    Homeowner gets one with a sword, the other flees!

    He probably played marbles, with his own steelies.

    Story here: http://www.ksee24.com/news/local/FIR...?m=y&smobile=y

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    The reporter should have paid more attention in the English as a Second Language course. That is the most poorly-written news piece I have ever read.
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    I couldn't figure from the story which one he cut, gunman or axman. I think I'd go for axman first, then play "Ed Ames"
    with the gunman. Ed Ames Teaches Johnny Carson to Throw a Tomahawk - YouTube
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    I miss Johnny. Late night TV has gone to you-know-where.
    ...he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one. Luke 22:36
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    Reminds me of this: Johns Hopkins student from N.J. is cleared in samurai-sword killing of intruder | NJ.com

    Cliff notes: crackhead 10 days out of the DOC breaks into JHU student's house, JHU student goes to car and gets samurai sword from car (ehh ok...why not?), runs across crackhead inside home, crackhead ends up fileted with left arm no longer connected...Baltimore police and state's attorney both rule homicide justified, no charges.

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    I just watched a Foreign Flick called Mia Tie Warrior and there was a lot of sword play in that movie.
    I can only imagine the bloody mess this "burglary gone bad" looked like.
    I keep several very sharp machetes in my house and shop, strategically located and out of sight, in case I can't get to a handgun.
    I would rather not have a guy come at me with a sharp sword.
    I'm wondering if Bad Guy #2 has any cuts or damage to his body?????
    And yes, this is poorly written. They might be disappointed no assault weapons were used by either side.
    No way to spin the evil Assault Weapons on this one.
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    Neighbors describe the homeowner as an average guy.... and say they had no idea he even owned a sword...

    Really? That made me lol! I bet they also assumed he didn't have any knives in the kitchen.

    Back on topic.... GOOD, I hope he used the sharpest of katanas on that bad guy...errrr I mean bad corpse.

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    That article sure does leave a lot to be desired.
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    I would be interesting to know what type of sword he used as either a Katana or Claymore can do some serious damage quickly.
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    And how is it that we know the name of suspect #2?

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    He may an ancestor of one of the Three Musketeers LOL
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    A long weapon can cut both ways. Though, folks have been introduced to the concept that a long gun can be taken from the shooter. Can't imagine the degree of surprise on the faces of the perps when faced with a long weapon they couldn't simply grab.

    Here is a better written (though brief) article on the event: Samurai sword-wielding homeowner kills armed robber in California | The Raw Story.
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    The deceased suspect just happened to be out on parole...... go figure.

    Knife/sword fights are up-close and personal engagements and leave nasty, devastating wounds. What a mess that had to leave in the homeowners house.

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    I actually have two reproduction Samurai type swords, the longer one a 42" Katana and the short sword of the Samurai a 2 foot long Wakizashi. Both are of 440 steel and very sharp. I keep them that way and just in case a firearm isn't close by, one or both of these will do. This guy employed one and it worked.

    These Japanese type swords are for slashing and will do a great deal of damage to the human body if used correctly. I know enough on how to use them but far from the experts I have seen in video. Even in my amature state, I could injure or kill someone very easily. We have had an incident a few years ago when a man sliced another with a Katana sword across the body and he ran away and bled to death a few minutes later.

    Swords, Machete's or any other cutting weapons have always been in use since we discovered how to make them. I guess the Liberals now will want legislation to limit us on how many bladed things we can own.
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