My local news - why I carry

My local news - why I carry

This is a discussion on My local news - why I carry within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Every Monday I check the news site crime listings to see what happened over the weekend. It seems like almost every day someone is ...

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Thread: My local news - why I carry

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    My local news - why I carry

    Every Monday I check the news site crime listings to see what happened over the weekend. It seems like almost every day someone is shot over an argument or disrespect. The local news always has some mention of armed youths and convicted felons shooting someone over an argument or disrespect.

    This week doesn't seem to be any different. There were teenagers shooting other teens outside the Hampton Carnival over an argument. Neighbors shooting neighbors over arguments. People getting shot outside of nightclubs over an argument. A stabbing in the mall within walking distance of my office, at lunchtime! Seriously, what's wrong with some people that they try to take a life over words?

    Most of these shootings take place after midnight and staying away from high risk areas and not staying out past midnight greatly reduces your chances of being involved in these incidents. Something to think about: Although most of these incidents happen after midnight, its pretty obvious that we have many people that shouldn't have firearms (teenagers, convicted felons, etc) who can't control their tempers and carry a gun illegally. These people don't just wait for midnight to come out from under their rock. These people don't stay put in one neighborhood and may be cruising around your "good" neighborhood at any time. While other incidents that I have experienced in my lifetime have given me reason to carry, my local news station has plenty of examples of the type of people all around us in society that we should be aware of.

    My wife is an example of the "sheeple". She doesn't want to know what is going on in the news. She prefers to live her life without worry and be oblivious to the bad. Sometimes I wish I could forget things that I have experienced and be like her, but its too late for that. In my opinion, SA includes knowing what areas are higher risk and I get that info from checking out the local news site. Some sheeple that don't understand why we would want to carry a firearm are just oblivious to the fact the there are people like this who are illegally carrying all around them already.

    In this snapshot of, do you see anything in common? Take a closer look at the smaller thumbnail images in the first picture as well.

    My local news - why I carry-wavyshootings.jpg My local news - why I carry-capture.jpg
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    It's a cultural thing. We need to stop subsidizing it through tax dollars.
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    Every single day in Memphis, there are at least one or two shootings. Some of them fatal; many of them not. Fatal or not they change people's lives forever. I am not interested in being the recipient of that change.

    That's why I carry.
    Memphis -- No. 2 on the list of most crime ridden cities in America. Working on being No. 1 but we just can't catch Detroit.

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    I dont carry because I am evil...... I carry because I have seen the evil the world is capable of.
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    In this snapshot of, do you see anything in common?
    They are both males? I don't follow ya....................
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taurahe View Post
    I dont carry because I am evil...... I carry because I have seen the evil the world is capable of.
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    Nothing that I can say that wouldn't collect a bunch of points.
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    looks pretty similar to Central Florida News with all the usual suspects.
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    There are some i know,who wasn't against guns,they just didn't own one..Then,something happens,or,almost did and they go out and buy one..
    It's like i've told people,who simply asked me why do you carry?I've always given the same two answers.One,i carry,because,i can.Two,nobody,was ever shot,or,robbed,until,they were.I choose,not to wait,but,have always enjoyed firearms,like those on here.Obviously crime is all over,and you never know what may happen.

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    One of the most frustrating aspect of this issue is exactly the "oblivious" people. When something happens, they think they know, but they don't know because they've never taken the introspective reality check. How many formed an opinion of "we need to do something" or "there must be something we can do", based on the Newtown shooting and their own projection of their life experiences. In short, they know little about firearms, crime, human psychology, or human nature, but they think they know, all based on their life and feelings.

    Truth is, all you have to do, is be in the wrong place and the wrong time. I doesn't need to be a high risk or high crime area. The London beheading and riots in Stockholm prove that, amongst other incidents. These types are probably our biggest challenge because they sway with the wind and their feelings. The good news is that they can be reached and although they may never be broken of some of their obliviousness, they can understand that we carry because police are not always there, Johnny Q Law on the sport.

    Hope you and your wife stay safe.

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    I once heard a wise man say, "Nothing good happens after midnight."

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    Because I see these people(Or their twin brothers) every day I carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nix View Post
    I once heard a wise man say, "Nothing good happens after midnight."
    I'm pretty sure it was, "The freaks come out at night".

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    My wife never much cared about me having guns in the house but after moving to Florida in the 1970's she came to the realization that they were a necessity because of one groups utter disregard for his fellow man and the laws of the nation. My wife got her CWFL in 1987 and each of my four kids got theirs when they became of age. We have been very fortunate, only my son has had to use his gun to stop a mugging, no shots were fired. My son said the bad guy quickly became mild and meek while looking down the barrel of a .45 and spent three years in jail thinking about it.
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