2 men killed by machete Fort Smith, Arkansas

2 men killed by machete Fort Smith, Arkansas

This is a discussion on 2 men killed by machete Fort Smith, Arkansas within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; http://swtimes.com/sections/news/for...E2%80%99d.html He claims self defense but after chasing one down and striking from the back I don't think that's gonna hold up. I'm local, and ...

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Thread: 2 men killed by machete Fort Smith, Arkansas

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    2 men killed by machete Fort Smith, Arkansas


    He claims self defense but after chasing one down and striking from the back I don't think that's gonna hold up.

    I'm local, and the local cops tell me it was literally razor sharp, one victim was cut almost in half, diagonal strike from the shoulder down.
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    Man alive! The slasher looks like your worst nightmare. And the description painted of him by his mother didnt help. That sounds too much like adam lanza, to me. Lived with his mother, she claims hes super smart, and was bullied in school.

    Perhaps Im preaching to the choir on this one, but I urge in the strongest possible terms for people to go with their instinct, if they see someone on the street, in a mall, or whatever. If something sets off your radar, or they look like they have spent some time in jail, ...whatever. GO WITH YOUR INSTINCT.

    I dont of course mean draw on them. I mean be on alert, move your position to avoid them, etc.

    There is a reason why even attys that have never appeared in a particular court before, and therefore not known to the court officers, can move about the court, and never have their ID checked. You could dress most criminal defendants up in a suit & tie, and most everyone would know which one was the defendant.

    Yep, its profiling, but it just might save your life. If you dont believe me, take a day off, and go watch a Criminal Docket Call, someday.

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    Oh man... Yeah that guy looks like a winner. Creepy...
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    Although sometimes difficult, you can't go by how someone looks. He could very well have been provoked and let's face it, he was outnumbered in an alley when this took place and could very well have been fearing for his life.

    I'll pass on passing judgement.

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    Being seen to be in the right can be all-important in such a situation.

    If being approached and feeling threatened, it gets hard to claim one's "back was to the wall" if found to have run down another and gotten him from behind. IMO, far better if well-armed (as this guy apparently was, with a machete no less) to stand one's ground and defend against clear assault against one's person. Of course, the devil's in the details, and precious few of those are described in the article. Hard to know how hard-pressed he was by those two (or, claimed three) people. If there were three, perhaps that third person's going to have something to say about the level of threat that existed, and how the situation progressed. At night, though, there might well be nobody else but the alleged perpetrator.

    Bad situation. About as hard to claim necessity and justifiability if knifing a person from behind as shooting them, apparently. Warning to us all, about such things, if ever we find ourselves in a defensive situation.
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    I thought machetes were limited to seven inches or less.
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