UGLY: New York Councilwoman finds cause of Knockout Game

This is a discussion on UGLY: New York Councilwoman finds cause of Knockout Game within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Government Archives - Publius Forum &laquo Publius Forum But one New York Councilwoman has an explanation for it all. It’s the Jews’ fault....

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Thread: UGLY: New York Councilwoman finds cause of Knockout Game

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    UGLY: New York Councilwoman finds cause of Knockout Game

    Government Archives - Publius Forum &laquo Publius Forum

    But one New York Councilwoman has an explanation for it all. It’s the Jews’ fault.
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    I thought they caused all the wars? This chick and Mel Gibson should hook up.
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    History has a way of repeating it's self.
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    She will find out that Karma can be a terrible thing.
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    Now that's pathetic, consider the source.
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    Maybe her Jewish landlord or banker will find a way to respond to her comments. Getting to be a cold time of year to be put out on the street in NYC!
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    After reading some of her facebook page it appears she considers the Jews to be doing too well and it is their obligation to “Share the Wealth” now where have we heard that before???
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    To quote Lady Gaga "I was born this way". In my life I have been shunned, attacked, beat up and blackballed all because I am Jewish. I'm 65 and you'd think I'd be used to the stupidity but it still continues to amaze me.
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    I guess its just me but unless it was the orthadox jew with the long hair thing in the front going on Ive never been able to tell a Jew from a Southern Baptist by looking at them.

    Oh well my lack of "cultural diversity leanin" is showin I reckon.

    What a moron.
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    She must be in a tight reelection race and is pulling out all the stops. Clearly she isn't counting on the Jewish vote. I'm with str8up, hard to believe anyone could be so blatant in this day and age but there you go. Of course Jews men bear a similar appearance to Anglo Saxons and we know that anyone with that "look" is the one group that can still be discriminated against with impunity.
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    And this has absolutely nothing to do with self defense
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