One of our very own from Castle Rock, CO, former Seal, founder and Lead Instructor at CQD Denver and Duty to Act, and my boss, Jimmy Graham will be on Fox 31 tonight at 5PM talking about the Arapahoe shooting.

From the website about CQD Denver:

The CQD® system is the world’s best and most proven “real-world” defense system. Its training foundation has been taught to our nation’s most elite operators for the past two decades. In the past, when I have completed a course of instruction for families or individuals, they have asked me where they could receive follow-on training of the same caliber. Until recently, civilian training of this caliber simply did not exist. The recent atrocities in Colorado and Connecticut, highlight the need for self and family protection. CQD-Denver provides the level of real-world training that has previously only been available to our nations elite teams. Families and local Law Enforcement can now benefit from training and tactics that have been battle-proven to work against the very real threats of today.

CQD-Denver’s Owner and Lead Instructor has 15 plus years experience in the US Navy SEAL Teams and over 7 years as a Protective Officer for the US Federal Government. He is a Master Training Specialist and has been a professional instructor for more than 10 years. There simply is no better training product available when it comes to defending yourself and your loved ones.

Duty to Act