recently happened...

recently happened...

This is a discussion on recently happened... within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This happened to my oldest son who lives in a pro gun state, (moved there over 15 years ago) due to specific reasons I am ...

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Thread: recently happened...

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    Thumbs up recently happened...

    This happened to my oldest son who lives in a pro gun state, (moved there over 15 years ago) due to specific reasons I am not going to go into great detail…

    Got a text from him saying “I never thanked you for the gun”… FYI I buy all my kids a pistol for their 21st B day, and pay for their CCW…
    I replied “come in handy?” his response “yes will call later”…

    The next day I get a call. He drives taxi (Prius) as an independent (pays a flat fee plus they get a % of the take,) is his own boss, likes the hours and gets good tips.

    A few days back he is out looking for a rider when someone blows off a red light in front of him, he slams on the breaks hard, and lays on the horn to keep from T boning them…
    Proceeding on the guy that blew the light has dropped behind him, pulling up next to my son (4 lane in town) he started swearing, yelling, gesturing, so my son immediately dialed 911.

    On the phone 911 got to hear this guy shout, swearing, threatening, honking horn, and they told him that they had a unit on the way. When he attempted to run my boy off the road (he keeps his SW .38 on the seat beside him as per my urging after all driving a hack is dangerous), He raised his gun so he could see it was no bluff, and told him “I have a gun stay away” 911 on the phone heard and recorded the entire incident as He warned the guy no less than 5 times that he had a gun to stay back.

    Although he attempted to keep moving both vehicles suddenly stuck in traffic, the aggressor takes advantage of this and jumps out of his car charging my son still in his taxi, again my son yells “stay back I have a gun and I will use it!”
    When he says this the 911 operator asks “are you in fear of your life?” He responds “Yes I am” and they reply “do what is necessary to remain safe”.
    The guy yanks open the door on the Prius (for some reason the taxi company has the door lock defeated) and reaches to grab my son by the throat and the boy immediately shoots twice hitting the aggressor both times. Striking him once in the shoulder, once in the chest, this stops the attacker, and the police arrive on the scene almost immediately after. Placing the guy under arrest, and in an ambulance, the officers commend my son on remaining calm throughout the incident, (the 911 operator told them so).

    As it turns out the perp was a Mexican / illegal / gang banger with multiple wants and warrants out for his arrest… this individual was placed under immediate arrest and arraignment as soon as he is out of the hospital (non fatal shooting).
    There were 3 witnesses to the event that stayed and confirmed his story to the police.
    Yes they took my sons .38 saying he should have it back within a couple of weeks. No charges were filed or issued against him, nor are any pending at this point in time (the officers were on his side indicated he should not worry, that this was a clean righteous case of SD).
    So far he has managed (and told the police) he does not want the press involved, nor does not want his name released.
    The company that he leases the taxi from although it has specific policy for their drivers this does not apply to contract independent drivers, and they have been very kind and concerned as to his welfare so far.

    When I talked to him I told him to get his rear to a gun shop and buy another ASAP, Gang Bangers if they manage to identify him will be out for revenge.
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    Sounds like he did everything right. Good for him.
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    Thanks for sharing that. Good thought on having him re-arm himself immediately.

    A friend of mine once found a meth lab and reported it. Of course he reminded the cops not to release his name to the press. His name was in the paper the very next day.
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    Sheldon -

    I'm glad that your son is safe.

    From the information you provided, it certainly sounds like your son did everything he could to find a "peaceful" solution and only fired when he was truly in danger. I suspect the 911 operator will be an angel on his shoulder in any legal proceedings (should they arise).

    Again - so glad he is ok and I hope he gets his gun back soon and that's the end of it.

    God Bless America.
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    I also am glad your son is safe. That could have turned out much differently had he not been armed, trained and of the mindset to use it.

    Glad everything has worked out thus far. Keep us updated.
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    Glad it ended well with your son safe; sorry he had to shoot a guy in the process.

    That is crazy stupid that the door locks have been disabled on his vehicle.
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    Good job on your son.

    Sorry it had to end the way it did... But I am glad they got the BG and he's in jail.

    Would it be too specific to tell us which pro gun STATE he is in?
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Quote Originally Posted by RebelSoul View Post
    Sheldon -

    I'm glad that your son is safe.

    From the information you provided, it certainly sounds like your son did everything he could to find a "peaceful" solution and only fired when he was truly in danger. I suspect the 911 operator will be an angel on his shoulder in any legal proceedings (should they arise).

    Again - so glad he is ok and I hope he gets his gun back soon and that's the end of it.

    God Bless America.
    Ditto what Rebel said.

    Where I live most of the crime here is people of Hispanic descent causing the problems. One less for the good folks to deal with.
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    Dang a heck of a story man... Happy your boy is ok .. And yeah that was one great 911 operator...

    Scary stuff being a cab driver sometimes happy he is allowed to be armed

    You think he will get a 357 mag next ?
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    Wow. Glad your boy is ok. Must've been a harrowing experience.

    This story pretty much proves to any of the doubters that waving a gun in a maniacs face is not always the deterrent we wish it would be. Don't know if this moron thought your boy was too chicken too shoot, or thought he was bullet proof, or what, but obviously being shown the gun and told he would be shot had zero deterrent effect on this guy.

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    You can buy a digital dash cam for under $50 now. Most of them will hold 8-10 hours of video on a 32Gb SDcard. We're putting them in all the cars as we get "discretionary funds."

    With the nutballs behind the wheel around here, we figure the next time someone runs a red light in front of us, we'll have the video hammer to bang down on their insurance carrier... and something like that might be useful for a taxi driver, too.
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    Sheldon, I am glad your son is okay. That is one hell of a thing to go thru. Sounds like he did everything right...
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    Great job!

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    Great job to your boy Sheldon. Love it when good people prevail.

    The 38 did a good job, not surprised about that.
    But if there is revenge on the horizon, I'd have a pistol gripped shotty in the seat, and, up my carry gun capacity in this instance.
    " Blessed is that man, who when facing death, thinks only of his front sight"
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    Glad it ended well for him and that the bad guy's in jail.

    Thanks for sharing.
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