House Of Pies Robbery (Could Have Been Worse)

House Of Pies Robbery (Could Have Been Worse)

This is a discussion on House Of Pies Robbery (Could Have Been Worse) within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; House Of Pies is one of those really neat 24 hour Diner style restaurants in Houston, Been there quite a few times with family for ...

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Thread: House Of Pies Robbery (Could Have Been Worse)

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    House Of Pies Robbery (Could Have Been Worse)

    House Of Pies is one of those really neat 24 hour Diner style restaurants in Houston, Been there quite a few times with family for a late night whatever. And like the quote i have as my signature, this is why I carry and definitely need more training

    Story #1

    The Update from today
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    70 people present - I likely would have given up my wallet, etc. - they aren't going to kill 70 people...

    But the gunman appears to be a killer.

    The victim from earlier in the day -Stanly Kumbanattel: As for Stanly's family, they said they came to America so their children could live the American dream. Born and raised in Houston, Stanly was, by all accounts, living a fulfilling life that tragically ended the day before his 31st birthday.

    "The victim grew up in the Glenshire subdivision and attended Alief Independent School District Schools, except for high school, when he studied in India. Kumbanattel worked as a lab technician in Houston hospitals for about a decade. Recently he went back to school at the University of Texas at Dallas where he was studying computers and engineering."

    Sad day. May the Kumbanattel family find peace.
    -PEF, Refugee from the Island of Misfit Toys

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    "70 people present - I likely would have given up my wallet, etc. - they aren't going to kill 70 people..."
    This would probably have been my first reaction as well - a lot of people in an obviously crowded restaurant so it is unlikely that a gun battle with 2 assailants doesn't have collateral damage; and the wallet and phone just aren't worth it. My first thought is to get them out of the building as quickly as possible.

    And, you can see how that could very easily be the wrong decision. Having a gun drawn and ready is probably the best of the available options, but there are no good options in this scenario.

    Very sad story. They need to fry the guy who pulled the trigger.
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    AND, here's the rest of the story...had this thug been robbing the patrons en masse and walking down the aisles taking people's money and waving his firearm at people, I would have had gun already drawn and at the ready...what would you have done if he approached your table and pointed the gun at your wife, kids, or grand his prior crimes.

    Source: Charges expected soon in House of Pies armed robbery | News - Home

    Sorry, didn't see the OP's update article...

    Nobody expects anyone to get into a gun battle...but three or four feet away and waving a gun at you or your family or the people at the table adjacent to you...geesh...
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    Give them a drop wallet and prepaid burner phone.
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    Would have made my move at the first opening. I'll take my chances before I'll bet on a thug showing mercy.
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    If they were walking the isles waving their gun and had already fired soon as that gun is pointed at me with any sort of likely hood the trigger will be pulled, I'm going to defend my self. I don't care about my phone or wallet but I care about my life. And almost always you have more training and experience shooting than they do. If you start shooting they most likely will run and leave. They don't wanna fight or die either.

    Also depends on if you can get your gun out without them noticing and thus you becoming a target.

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    Marquis is going to find out about TX punishment......
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    They were in there firing and threatening and although the restaurant patrons wouldn't know this at least one of them had already killed that day. If a patron had shot one would the other have fought? They both ran from the police. Is anybody here psychic?

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    Predators. Rabid 'yotes. Put 'em down.

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    Im going with Blitzberg. If you wait until the perps have their guns aimed at waited WAY to long.
    You dont have to believe a train is coming. Itll run over you anyway.

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    Best thing for this poor excuse for a human is a Dirt Nap . And Texas will be the solution for this .

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    Did any one defend themselves? From the article, it appears not. So it doesn't belong here now does it....
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