Police posing as pizza driver kills teen

This is a discussion on Police posing as pizza driver kills teen within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My buddy that used to deliver chinese down intothe bad parts of the city quit his job because he feared for his life. 2 weeks ...

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Thread: Police posing as pizza driver kills teen

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    My buddy that used to deliver chinese down intothe bad parts of the city quit his job because he feared for his life. 2 weeks later a 17 year old tried to rob a pizza delivery guy who had a CHP and apparently a quicker trigger finger. The bad guy was killed and I assume that guy doesnt deliver pizza anymore..

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulG View Post
    The Chicago Tribune reports that an undercover cop posing as a pizza delivery guy shot and killed a teen who tried to rob him.

    Here’s the link:


    Here is the part of the article that disgusts me:

    But the restaurant owner whose call to police led to the sting said he wouldn't have done so if he knew someone would be shot.

    "Somebody got killed, and it's not worth it," said Humberto Rodriguez, owner of Milano's Pizza, 8130 S. Kedzie Ave.

    So, it would be better to let these punks keep on robbing citizens and putting their lives at risk that to stop the crime unless you can do it without killing the bad guys?

    They say that a sign of getting old is when you think that society is going to hell in a hand basket. I guess that makes me about 120 years old!!

    What a Pansy, if it was him that got robbed it would have been a different story.

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    Just announce to the bad guys that you'd rather give up your money and employees safety. Doesn't matter how old the BG is.... if he's robbing folks armed, he needs to go to jail. Who knows, before the robber got shot, he might have tried to kill the cop!

    That pizza owner needs to think before he speaks. What if the guy kidnapped and raped a delivery person, how would he feel then?
    "The best compliment to the Warrior is that others feel safe while you are around." I would add especially if they REALLY ARE safe when you are around.

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    I wrote in another post that here in Arizona, it costs an average of $15000 dollars for a victim who shot a bad guy to clear himself even when the DA says it is justified. Litigators troll the papers, contact the BG's relatives and sue your homeowner's policy. You can't trust your homowner's insurance because they will drop you like a brick aftert they settle out of court. Now you have to hire an attorney, sue your homeowner's so you can get homeowner's insurance again (honest!). Ain't it great?

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    Hopefully the PD will remember that when he needs help next time

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    I'm going to troll a little here and say that the teen shouldn't have been shot. After all, if regular people aren't allowed to defend themselves in Chicago, why should the cops? Even worse, as evidenced by the owner's comments, regular Chicagoans would rather not kill any violent criminals, even if that means being subject to violent crime. This attitude is obviously not a minority opinion on the part of the owner, either, because anti-gun politicians and police are constantly voted in in Chicago, so this must be the majority opinion. Therefore, to be completely consistent and non-hypocritical, the Chicago people should demand that their police cease carrying guns, and not harm any criminals.

    It sounds to me like this pizza shop owner deserves all the robberies he gets.

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    It's tough to be a cop

    We have a case in MN right now where a cop was being dragged by an extremely drunk driver and wouldn't slow down. The cop shot the drunk in order to save his life, and he believed that the driver was trying to kill him.

    No criminal charges filed. However, today a civil suit was entered against the LEO and his department to the tune of 10 million dollars.

    *** is wrong with this world ... back in the old days if you tried to stab or shoot or kill a cop, you could expect to be shot. Nowadays, you can stab a cop or shoot at him and if he returns fire CHA CHING you can sue and all the bleeding hearts will have a "March for Justice" to the capital on your behalf. Hell, they'll even say you are a "Political Prisoner" even though you were robbing a bank and shooting people when "The cop attacked you".

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