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CHL holder arrested in shooting

This is a discussion on CHL holder arrested in shooting within the In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I went to Ohio Concealed Carry web site and it appears the case against the CHL holder was dismissed....

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Thread: CHL holder arrested in shooting

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    RE: CHL Holder Arrested in Shooting

    I went to Ohio Concealed Carry web site and it appears the case against the CHL holder was dismissed.
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    It does seem that the charges were dropped, Cincy news has been focusing on the West Chester cop shooting, although I'm not sure they would have updated on this anyways. Hopefully he avoids civil troubles.
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    Good for him...

    - Janq
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    Thumbs up This website may help one of us sometime It was very interesting to me regarding the time of reaction that one has/does not have in gun vs gun situations. They would be on the top of my defense lawyers call list if (heaven forbid) it was ever needed.

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    that's an interesting looking site. I'll have to look at that later.

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    The way the law should read is "If the BG starts it the GG can finish it." This should apply especialy if the bad guy has something that belongs to the good guy. Dosen't this make good sense?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texas Yankee View Post
    There has to be more to this story. On its face, it looks like self defence.
    ...except for the butt part. Was the perp a butt-face?

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    Plenty of evidence suggests that in the time you are deciding to fire and pulling the trigger, the perp could be having the, "Oh-crap-he's-about-to-fire-a-gun-at-me!" response and start shying his body away, possibly even getting turned fully around, in the fraction of a second it may take you to fire. In fact, such testimony was given in the trial of a guy down here in FL (Jay Levin) who shot a 200 lb. 16-year-old "in the back" (Mark Drewes) outside his front door. (That event is a whole different can of worms: Google it if you want to see.)

    According to news articles here, Levin's attorneys had firearms and defense experts testifying that a person could indeed be aiming to fire at a threat that is facing him, and have the threatening actor turn away at the moment of firing decision/trigger action and the threat could take the bullet in the back.

    A shot in the back is not and should not be damning against a defender. Not necessarily, anyway.

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    The teen could have been pointing the gun back at white while he was leaving and white fired. Have to hear the whole story. The teen should have been shot. IMO.

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    Intriguing story. As far as I'm concerned, the kid pulled a gun. Once the firearm's presented, I don't care if he's exterminated/dropped while attempting to retreat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by czman2006 View Post
    A lot missing but maybe if the teen was shot in the buttocks, then they arrested the man for shooting at him while he was fleeing? The teen deserved it, anyway. Hope all charges are dropped soon.
    Right on czman
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